“I was skeptical about doing an online program before I started but the level of support and direction Matt gave me was incredible. The ease of sending him my weekly training and dietary log was great as I am always on the go with work. Matt was always available to talk if I had any issues with my plan. Matt would email me a progress report as well as any changes he felt needed to be made to help ensure I did not fall off of my plan. I was extremely impressed with Matt’s knowledge of nutrition and how to change habits. He was quick to change and alter any parts of my plan that were not working for me. I could start to see a change in my body within a number of weeks and he helped to show me the importance of dieting when training to help over come such things as fatigue and injury (Things I used to suffer a lot from). He also showed me that dieting is not just about eating chicken and vegetables. Matt took into consideration all the things I liked and didn’t like when putting together my diet plan. I would highly recommend Matt for anyone who wants to get into shape, especially if you have a busy lifestyle such as my own.”

– Philly Cullen

Matt’s thoughts;

“We had an inconsistent first few weeks but after identifying the problems and putting protocols in place to keep him on track, we started making steady progress each week. Philly, like many others, encountered the problem of doing great for a few days and then undoing it all in one day or over the weekend. We worked together to come up with ways to change these habits and allow him to reach his goals while still having a life! I could see massive changes in Philly’s mindset and attitude towards food and training as the weeks went on. I’m really proud of how far he has come and of all the hard work he has put in. Philly now understands his body so much better and is aware of how to control his weight through nutrition and training. Great work Philly.”