“What can I say, I wouldn’t be where I am today without him and he wouldn’t be where he is today without me. ?

One of the key things Matt has thought me is consistency is key when it comes to dieting and training. Not only did he help me on training but he helped me understand how to have a consistent diet that would help me achieve my goals. He also taught me not to punish myself if I have a bad day or weekend with my food and what to do to get back on track. Over the past few years I constantly yo-yo dieted with my weight due to a number of injuries I had which limited my mobility and training but thanks to Matt if I was to get injured again, I now understand how my diet would change to ensure that I could maintain my current shape.
When doing the photoshoot I was probably in the worse shape out of the group, but Matt constantly gave me the push I needed to achieve my goal, always pushing me in the right direction.

All in all I would highly recommend Matt (Not just because I work with him) but also because he takes everything into consideration when dealing with a client and does not give out generic content, training plans or diet like some trainers. He has shown me that nutrition, health and exercise is an easily achievable lifestyle and not a fad.”

– Phillip Cullen

Matt’s thoughts;

“Philly had had a goal of getting lean and doing a photohshoot for the last few years, he just never acted on it. When we talked about it in January, I explained what I expected from him and what it would take.

I asked Philly how much weight he thought he’d have to lose and he said around 10 or 12 pounds. I said add 10 pounds on to that, at least! He laughed, I didn’t…..

18 Weeks later.
24 pounds lost in total.

I’m very proud of the life changing transformation Philly has made. I try not to tell him too often in case his head explodes ? This was as much mental as it was physical for him. He never really did believe that he could do it when he would say it over the years. He still didn’t really believe starting off he could. But I think he surprised himself by what can be achieved when you really set your mind to something and dedicate yourself to it.

Philly doesn’t have it easy when it comes to losing weight;

– His metabolism isn’t the fastest to start with.
– Calories had to go pretty low to keep fat coming off.
– He has a very sedentary job.
– He likes his social life and fondness of the odd alcoholic beverage.

So a few big changes had to happen over this journey;
– He accepted that he can’t just eat as much as most and lose weight. Some people just have it harder than others! But once he accepted it, he was able to deal with it and keep going forward.
– We had to increase his daily activity levels. Because of his office job, cardio and walking had to become part of his daily routine in order to get his caloric burn up. This involved changing his habits and routine to make sure this was happening consistently.
– Social outings had to be accounted for and the closer we got to the shoot, the more limited they became. Smarter decisions had to be made in these situations and Philly just had to learn to say no. We ended up organizing his diet with these outings, using diet breaks to go with them so he was able to keep progressing.”

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