“What can I say about Matt the man has the world of knowledge. Last year I wanted to take on a massive challenge “A photo shoot”, something that would really push me to my limits and I did it. It wasn’t easy, I loved fast food, I loved drinking but I loved training. I was sick of being in the vicious circle of training and eating healthy 5 days of the week and throwing it all away at the weekends. With Matt’s knowledge and guidance I managed to lose 23 pounds and get into shape to stand in front of a camera. It changed my perspective on life. I felt like I could achieve anything I wanted if I just put my mind to it. If you had asked people could I do it, they would have laughed. If you asked Matt he would have said yes. That’s the difference with Matt, he really believes in his clients.

This year I went back to do the shoot again, I had put on about a stone from the shoot last year to Christmas. I can only put this down to my lack of goal setting after the shoot. I never pushed on from it. Instead, I went back to training inconsistently, not watching my food and this resulted in putting back on some weight I trained so hard to lose. My goal this year was to smash my photos from last year and I did ???? I was 8 pounds in better shape than the year previous.

What changed this year versus the year previous? My mind and my attitude. If I had a setback I got on with it, I didn’t punish myself, I trusted what Matt was telling me because I know from the year previous, the man knows what he’s talking about. The one thing I would say is I thought this year would be easier. It WASN’T. It was much harder than the year previous. I had changed jobs which meant I was out with clients a lot during the shoot. I would have to put more thought around my meal planning and get comfortable not drinking with clients when out. Stress and fatigue was something I hadn’t factored in. I had to listen to my body if I felt I wouldn’t get the most out of my training I would have an active rest day, I would go for a walk or a run. This is something Matt always told me, rest and recovery is as important if not more important than training. If it was the year previous I would have trained on days I didn’t feel up to it and it would have had a knock on effect on my food choices.

To me, Matt is more than a PT. He listens to his clients and helps change their attitude and mindset to allow them to achieve their goals. Everyone can train 7 days a week for an hour, but it takes a lot more for people to change their eating habits, understand their body, their mind their week spots. For anyone who would like to take on a challenge and get in front of a camera for Charity, then Matt’s your man. If you think you can’t do it well then look at me. When I started working with Matt I was 193 pounds. Today I am 158 and maintaining that weight comfortably.”

– Philly Cullen

Matt’s thoughts;

“Philly has been with me for a long time now & I’m very proud of the changes we’ve been able to make. Not just physically, the last two years have been a complete change of lifestyle for Philly.He’s lost a total of 35 pounds over the last 2 years.

There’s been periods of weight gain.
Times when life gets in the way.
Other things take priority.

And that’s ok. Learning to accept these things and changing his mindset towards these situations has allowed him to see this as a lifestyle now, not just a diet.

He’s seen how having a healthy lifestyle can have a positive effect on more than just his body;

And much more.

Philly has wanted to lose weight for years but never had the knowledge, habits, routines & appropriate lifestyle to keep it off.”

We have slowly incorporated these things into his life in a sustainable way.

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