Progress Pictures

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  • Progress pictures are a great tool to use to notice physical changes in a physique.  
  • They are great to keep you motivated when you see changes in your body as you won’t always see changes on the scales or in measurements.
  • I’ve also found them to be a great accountability tool for people because when you take them properly, you can’t hide!  
  • Make sure to take a front, side and back picture. Often people just focus on one area (e.g. stomach) and if they don’t see progress in that one particular area they get disheartened and think nothing is happening when in reality they are making progress, they just can’t see it as they’re looking in the wrong area!
  • Try to wear similar clothes in each photo and stand the same way each time (hands by side, same lighting, same distance). Try not to wear baggy clothes as it can be hard to gauge progress.