”I struggled with my weight so much over the last few years and tried every diet. Nothing ever lasted as I always got bored. I was afraid to go to them gym because I never knew if I was doing it right.

When I saw Matt’s page and all the transformations, I was so excited to start it. In the 8 weeks my mind changed so much.

Suffering with mental health, I struggle to have motivation but Matt’s support throughout the 8 weeks made me realize I could do this! Eve’s recipes made the food I was eating so tasty I didn’t feel like I was on a diet.

I learned how to manage my cravings, what triggers them and I am also now finally getting a full nights of sleep! I’ve even got the confidence now to go to the gym and I feel great after it.

The second time completing the program was a big struggle for me as in first few weeks I tore my quad muscle. But Eve was great and helped me to find other ways to workout without me having to stop going to the gym.

The information and support was great but I had a lot of obstacles the second time around. I was sick for most of the 8 weeks but the advice you receive from your coach plus the other clients really help to keep your mind focused even if you slip out of the routine.

I’ve learned so much about my diet and food since completing this program twice and can’t recommend it enough to people. Big thanks to my coaches Matt and Eve for everything.”

– Rachel Shoer, Tipperary

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