‘‘Thank you so much for all your advice and help throughout, it was a great feeling each week when I wasn’t feeling the best that my coach Sharon was always there giving great advice and motivating me to achieve each of my goals. I honestly don’t think I could have done it without her.

Starting off this programme I was very nervous as I didn’t think I would stick it out. I thought I would have given up after the second week but with the help from my coach, the meal ideas in the group chat and the motivation from Matt and everyone kept me going. Each week I would look back on my progress and seeing the results made me feel so good about myself. I loved how much I enjoyed my meal plan and how easy it was to change it about when I was interested in trying something new.

I thoroughly enjoyed this programme and it’s easy to say I achieved each and every one of my goals that I set out at the start. After this programme I now feel so much more confident in my body, I enjoy eating healthy, love working out and I like keeping track of my weight now. All my clothes are huge which means a few more belts will need to be purchased.

I can’t thank Matt and the team enough and especially my coach Sharon who helped me through every step of the way.’’

– Roisin Moyles, Tipperary.

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