“Before working with Matt I was unaccountable for my training and nutrition, which meant despite all my efforts I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. His knowledge and experience was very apparent from day one. With an extremely professional and personable approach he countlessly advised me on what I needed to do to achieve my goal and explained the reasoning behind it. His consistent support throughout the 11 weeks for the preparation leading up to the photoshoot was invaluable and I certainly couldn’t have achieved such results without his guidance. The format Matt uses for his weekly/ monthly check ins allow for a self evaluation of how the week/month went which allowed me to identify & correct many bad eating habits and patterns which in turn improved my lifestyle choices. I would highly recommend Matt to anyone looking to enhance their training, diet & lifestyle. I can not thank him enough for all his encouragement to help me achieve a goal I didn’t think was possible.”

– Sharon Nagle

Matt’s thoughts;

“Guiding Sharon through to the photoshoot was a great experience for us both. She will tell you herself, it wasn’t easy especially given the time frame we had. There was plenty of ups and downs but the reward in the end and the feeling of accomplishment was worth it. One of the best things about Sharon was that she learnt a lot about herself over the whole journey, she would check in with me and tell me where she felt she was going wrong or what she was doing that was making it harder for her, I didn’t have to tell her. She figured it out herself just by being accountable and reflecting on each week. We would then come up with solutions to these problems. Based on her telling me how she was feeling, we would make adjustments to try and help her.

Sharon is a true inspiration to other girls out there. She had a degree, masters and a 1 year old by the time she was 21!! Also has won a world championships in powerlifting. All while being a full time mum and having a full time job which was never mentioned once to me or used an excuse. Her mindset and determination are top notch.”

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