”I signed up for the 6 week body transformation with Matt, this was definitely the perfect choice for me. After my 4th child and having zero level of fitness I knew I needed a big kick start to get me back on track. I wanted my eating habits to change drastically and get a good level of fitness.

Matt’s knowledge and ability to devise the perfect meal meal plan for me, without me feeling deprived or on a diet is fab, with Matt constantly uploading new and exciting tasty recipes.

His expertise in the gym and the training schedule he devised each week gave me a new lease of life. I could feel my fitness levels increase weekly as my weight decreased.

I continued on with Matt for a further 6 weeks, I’m out on my own now working out 3/4 times per week and still following the meal plans. I still enjoy the daily motivational updates as it keeps me in the fitness zone. Seven months on I’m now down 33 lbs and feeling fit and strong thank you Matt.”

– Sheila O’Carroll

Matt’s thoughts;

”Sheila signed up to our 6 week transformation programme last January and ended up staying with us for 12 weeks.

What really stands out for me here;
“Seven months on I’m now down 33 lbs.”

Sheila has been able to continue making progress since finishing up with us by using the good habits and routines she has developed.

This is a lifestyle, not a diet. The goal for anyone that works with us is to provide them with the tools and knowledge to be able to implement changes into there lives that makes it sustainable for them in the long term so they can continue to make progress long after they leave.

She has done amazing! Well done Sheila.”

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