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Meet Matt Cooney


I’m Matt Cooney.
Owner of MCFuturefitness. (Pronounced M-C-Future-Fitness, not Mac :P)

I was born in Perth, Western Australia. There’s a random fact you probably don’t know about me if you have heard me speak with my Irish accent!

My Experience

I’ve been around the fitness industry for close to 15 years now. Feels weird to even say that! To be honest, it doesn’t seem that long ago when I was in my late teens and spending hours a day reading fitness magazines, googling articles and watching videos on Youtube trying to figure out how this all works.

At 18 I went to college to study Leisure and recreation management and personal training. This is where I first became obsessed with the gym, health, fitness, nutrition and transforming my own body.
I wasn’t happy in my own body and had a lot of insecurities about how I looked and felt.

The gym became my escape.

But there was a big problem.

I was putting in the effort but not seeing the results for it.

I was being fed all the wrong information which just left my head spinning…

Constantly trying different things (with no idea why I was doing them!)

This was frustrating for me at the time.
But now looking back it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

After leaving college with my qualifications and completing a business degree, I devoted the next 10 years of my life to learning everything I possibly could about the human body and how to transform it both mentally and physically.

This took me all over the world attending seminars and learning from some of the best minds in the industry.

(Alan Aragon, Dr Brad Schoenfeld, Dr Mike Israteal, Dr Eric Helms, Lyle McDonald, Dr Mike Zourdos, Martin MacDonald, Eugene Teo, Phil Graham, Mark Coles, kylie Ryan to name a few…)

Since starting MCfuturefitness, I have become obsessed with helping people.

How can I get better results for me and my clients?

Why do some people still struggle to make the changes they want?

These questions have led me down a path of many different areas.

Personal development, psychology, human behaviour, communication, stress, sleep, mindset… The list goes on… And this is still ongoing to this day.

I realised that just giving someone a diet or training programme to follow wasn’t enough.

It needed to be complemented with lifestyle and mindset practices to achieve lifelong transformations.

I turned this passion into an international online coaching service which has helped transform 1000’s of lives.

Results Focused / Client Centered Coaching

Becoming the best version of yourself is not easy.

To transition from where you are now both physically and mentally to where you would like to be requires a process that works.

We are continuing to help people achieve goals they once never thought possible.

And over the last 5 years we’ve raised over €20,000 for charities in Ireland through our charity photoshoots.

2018 Charity Photoshoot

2019 Charity Photoshoot

2020 Charity Photoshoot

2021 Charity Photoshoot

Our Process

The ‘’No B.S method’’


We Don't Sell Bullshit

You will never find us selling something that we don’t fully believe in.
Our training and nutrition methods are based on proven scientific principles and methods.

We take the research, break it down and show you how it can be practically used to build
muscle, lose fat, get strong or improve your health.


We Don't Speak Bullshit

We are very careful in making sure that we don’t talk about things that we are not certain of.

I have no issue in telling you I don’t know something, nobody knows everything. But I will invest time into making sure that I have an answer for you or direct you somewhere to get
the answer.


We Eliminate all the bullshit

This industry is flooded with people claiming to have found the newest way to lose weight, get fit, build muscle or improve your health. All their claims are backed up with nothing.

We aim to cut through all the bullshit to give you the information that you need and show you how it actually works.

Here’s What The Industry Say’s

“If you are looking for a sustainable approach to your health & fitness goals. You simply won’t find any better than Matty & his team.

The results they achieve through their programming, education & ethos is plain to see. They have remained at the pinnacle of the industry simply through their dedication to every single client in their community.

You simply won’t find a better principled based approach to achieve your goals. If you have an opportunity to work with them, take it”.

Brian O’Loughlin

Fitness Entrepreneur and owner of Movement 101

“I had the opportunity to work with Matt and his team to help them grow and expand the business.
Straight away I could see the passion and drive for what he does.

Combining his experience in the industry and dedication to continually improving their service, Matt and MCFuturefitness will continue to impact thousands of lives.

His commitment to his craft is second to none and the results speak for themselves.”

Phil Graham

Author, Speaker, Mentor and Owner of the Authority Network Fitness Business Mastermind

Matt is one of the most driven transformation coaches I know.

His passion to meet the needs of his clients is up there with the very best in the world.

His results speak for themselves.

You cannot fail to progress with Matt as your leader.

Kirk Miller

Mens Health Cover Model, Body Transform Specialist and Owner of The Built to Last Coaching Programme

Joe Parish

Online Coach and Owner of The High Performance Coach programme

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