In March 2015 I was working as a labourer on a building site in Perth, Western Australia. Two of my good friends Tommy and Pearse reached out to me for help. They were going to San Diego for the summer on a J1 visa and wanted to get in shape. They wanted to be “Cali ready” as they called it!

As they knew me, my knowledge, qualifications and passion for fitness, they knew I could help them. I set up an 8 week online program for them and we had weekly check ins to monitor progress and make any changes needed to the plan. They both did excellent and got themselves “Cali ready”!

In June 2015 I went travelling Thailand for 3 weeks before coming home to Ireland. On day 15 we went on a day trip to see the beautiful Maya Beach (where the film the beach was made) just off Phi Phi island. I had no internet reception all day.

When we got back to our hotel room that night exhausted, my phone starting going off over and over again. I thought it was broken!

Tommy and Pearse had posted their results on facebook and gotten over 600 likes between them.

By the time I finished travelling Thailand, I had a list of people who wanted to work with me. 2 years on and I have helped 100’s of people with their fitness goals, am running my own business and aim to help 1000’s more over the coming years.

In December 2014, one of my best friends and people closest to me was tragically taken away from us all, far too young, before his time.

For years I was scared to follow my dreams, afraid of failing. This changed my whole mindset on life. Life is too short and I’m not afraid of failing anymore.

This person still motivates me to succeed everyday and pushes me to want more for myself. Any success I will ever have, I owe to him.



Matt Cooney


Pearse O’Brien

“You will never walk alone”