Future Fitness 56 Testimonial

” I would really just like to say thanks so much. I have learned that carbs are not the devil and it is just a bad mindset really thinking that certain foods will make u bloat. I have stopped all classes because I think I was just seeing them as a chore more so than anything.… read more

Nicole’s Testimonial (Future Fitness 56 Runner Up)

“I started the Future Fitness 56 programme on the 17th of September after coming back to the UAE for my second year of teaching out here. Last year I gained a lot of weight because I was very unhappy and struggled to adapt to the new lifestyle over here. When I was home for Christmas… read more

Michelle’s Testimonial (Future Fitness 56 Winner)

”Best thing I’ve ever done for myself. It has literally changed the way I feel about myself and what I see when I look in the mirror. I don’t know her fully yet but I really like her. 😂 I have so much more confidence in who I am as a person. And I have accepted… read more

Louise’s Testimonial

”I have done Matt’s Future Fitness 56 program twice now and have gotten great results both times. Matt and his team are a pleasure to work with, always so quick to answer any questions I had, always great feedback from the weekly check-in and advice on any improvements I  could make to ensure I could… read more

Future Fitness 56 Testimonial

”I have struggled with my weight most of my life. I’ve been on and off the weight loss wagon so many times, I may as well have frequent flyer miles! You name it, I’ve tried it, but I’ve always ended up back at square one – and usually bigger than I started. I really had… read more

Sandra’s Testimonial

“I’ve worked with Matt numerous times & every time I do, I learn something new. His replies are so detailed & easy to understand.  This is my second time doing the Fit in 56 programme. We are given such a variety of food choices & recipes that meals are never boring.  The most important thing… read more

Noel’s Testimonial

”I worked with Matt on the Future Fitness 56 Programme. I had been pretty active and running a bit but felt sluggish and definitely needed to lose some weight. Taking measurements, planning meals and training in advance was a pain at the start and it took me 4 full weeks to get to grips with… read more

Future Fitness 56 Testimonial

“Thanks a million. I can honestly say I was probably a bit sceptical starting the programme but can’t believe how much I have enjoyed it. I don’t think I have ever felt as full on a diet. I feel so much better in myself and for the first time in a very long time am… read more

Lisa’s Testimonial

”8 week transformation with the one and only MCfuturefitness. Cannot thank him enough! For anyone who wants to do the Future Fitness 56 programe but isn’t 100% sure, do it. You will not regret it.” – Lisa (Future Fitness 56) Are you ready to start your transformation?Register your interest for our next Future Fitness 56 body transformation… read more

Marie’s Testimonial

”I started the programme with little confidence after a recent weight gain. Within a week I had settled into the programme, was so motivated and loved eating and planning my food. I tried almost every recipe in Matt’s recipe book and felt I was making a lifestyle change not dieting. I had no hunger or… read more

Colette’s Testimonial

“My insides were crying out for help and I wanted to make a big change. I signed up to Matt’s programme after seeing the fantastic results my sister in law Sheila made. My plan was specifically tailored for me. I remember looking at the plan thinking there was a serious amount of food to be… read more

Nicole’s Testimonial

“I didn’t physically meet you but yet you still kept me motivated every single day. You were only the touch of a button away via website login, Facebook and emails. This was one of my biggest concerns – sticking to something for 8 weeks. I’m extremely happy with my results as I feel like I… read more

Laura’s Testimonial

”I didn’t expect to enjoy doing this programme as much as I did. Losing weight and trying to tone up seems like hard work but Matt made it enjoyable and realistic. I wanted it to continue on for another 8 weeks! Matt never made you feel bad if you went off track. He made me… read more

Future Fitness 56 Testimonial

”I just finished Matt’s 8 week online programme and I’m delighted with the results.   My motivation was at an all time low but this has given me my mojo back!   For anyone considering this, I say go for it. Constant guidance and encouragement throughout!   Worth every penny and truthfully, I’m already considering… read more

Kerry’s Testimonial

”As a serial yo-yo dieter I signed up to Matt’s programme hoping to lose a few lbs, that was the story of my life …always trying to lose a few lbs and never being happy with the number on the scales . What I got instead was an education in how to eat properly, without… read more

Eavan’s Testimonial

”I would highly recommend the Future Fitness 56! It is an amazing programme! Before I started, I had friends who had done the programme and every one of them had amazing transformations and only great things to say about it. I pushed myself and joined the programme after writing the email 3 times. Finally got… read more

Katie’s Photoshoot Prep

”I can’t thank Matt enough for helping me on and off for over a year now… He helped me get through a gruelling pre-season and actually enjoying it haha… He has helped me to get to another level of fitness that to be honest I didn’t even know I had.   He has a brilliant… read more

Sheila’s Testimonial

”I signed up for the 6 week body transformation with Matt, this was definitely the perfect choice for me. After my 4th child and having zero level of fitness I knew I needed a big kick start to get me back on track. I wanted my eating habits to change drastically and get a good… read more

Sheena’s Photoshoot Prep

”Matt has not only transformed me physically, but more importantly mentally. He tailored his vast amount of knowledge and taught me to be the best version of me. As a result, I think much more about my overall well-being. Matt looks at all aspects of fitness including nutrition, training and daily routine. I received a… read more

Tommy’s Photoshoot Prep

”This was my third year working with Matt (second photoshoot prep) and with each year passing, I have witnessed how he has grown as a business man and improved as a personal trainer/coach. New methods were implemented each year to suit my lifestyle because that’s exactly what he does, he implements a suitable programme that… read more

Neil’s Photoshoot Prep

”Having done the photoshoot last year I have to say that I found prepping and getting ready for it this year a whole pile easier. I learned al ot from Matt the first time around so all the little tips and tricks (stop drinking and being a show😂) that I picked up were much easier… read more

Kieran’s Testimonial

“When I first decided I wanted to make a change in my life, Matt was the first one I was always going to turn too. I had seen what he had done for others and he had been recommended to me by many.   I was in a bad place in my life, I had… read more

Alan’s Testimonial

”I’ve been with Matt nearly 2 years now and he has completely changed my life in terms of how I think about food and exercise. It hasn’t been easy for me to lose weight and Matt will agree when I say it’s still a struggle everyday but he gets me through it and sees the… read more

Evanna’s Photoshoot Prep

”Matt’s knowledge of all things health and fitness related is second to none. He tailors his plans to suit each client’s specific needs making it so easy to follow and adhere to.   It’s not just his knowledge of health and fitness that puts him a cut above the rest, it’s how he teaches his… read more

Paul’s Testimonial

“A huge thanks to Matt who guided me through a few months of getting into better shape. His knowledge and experience is top class. I have learned so much about food and calories (some learnings were very frightening!) from my time working with Matt. Always there to answer any questions and keep me positive at… read more

Eimear’s Photoshoot Prep

”I approached Matt last November regarding Nutrition and Strength & Conditioning as I felt I needed to change up things to help me to perform. This has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. After working with Matt for my indoor season, I asked him if it was possible to take part… read more

Philly’s Photoshoot Prep

“What can I say about Matt the man has the world of knowledge. Last year I wanted to take on a massive challenge “A photo shoot”, something that would really push me to my limits and I did it. It wasn’t easy, I loved fast food, I loved drinking but I loved training. I was… read more

Pearse’s Photoshoot Prep

”Another year another photoshoot. This is the second year running I have participated in a group charity photoshoot with Matt and I didn’t think it could get much better than the year previous but wow. He outdid himself again. The man just ups his game everyday.   Starting off with Matt on the journey to… read more

Gina’s Photoshoot Prep

”I’ve been with Matt for nutrition for almost a year and a half now, he’s been the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.   It took him a while but he’s completely changed my attitude to food and training, I’d say I’ve probably grown up a lot because of him😂 He recently prepped me… read more

Edwina’s Photoshoot Prep

”I’ve been under Matt’s training, guidance and expertise for about 2 years now. I’m the type of person that needs structure and a plan in place and this man completed that for me.   This year’s photoshoot preparation was a lot more difficult and challenging in comparison to last year’s. The temptation to over eat… read more

John’s Testimonial

”This is my second time working with Matt and as always he provided me with a plan that suited my lifestyle and still maximised results. The thing about committing myself to something is that if I cant find enjoyment in it I find it hard to stay motivated but with Matt’s style of training I… read more

Andy’s Competition Prep

”So I started my journey with Matt at the beginning of January. Matt and myself sat down and worked out a plan for me to compete in my first men’s physique competition. At the time I was only planning on doing one competition and Matt’s annual photoshoot for his chosen charity but this soon turned… read more

Brian’s Photoshoot Prep

”Second time around doing this photoshoot and working with Matt. I must admit I was not as strict with my diet as the previous year but each day I still managed to hit the targets Matt had set for me. Working with Matt on something like this is something I really enjoy doing.   His… read more

Barry’s Photoshoot Prep

”When I first started with Matt I had no great knowledge of program development. Matt taught me the fundamentals of weight training and how to keep progressing with monthly programs adding smart principles and establishing goals to my training which is hugely beneficial! He implements the correct adherence strategies and nutrition plans that fit for… read more

Ciara McKeogh’s Photoshoot Prep

”Working with Matt has been fantastic! He has completely changed my approach to dieting and helped me to set up a realistic routine and plan! My diet couldn’t have been any worse when I started with him so he had his work cut out for him! I view food and my diet in a different… read more

Niamh’s Testimonial

”At first, the biggest difficulty was the all the meal planning and weighing food but now its second nature to me, especially after I realized how much extra food/calories I was putting on my plate before the programme. Of course craving & temptations creep in but you have given us so many healthy alternatives to… read more

Maura’s Testimonial

”Thanks very much for all your feedback and for everything. I really hope to use this information going forward to be able to continue on by myself. I definitely notice how much stronger I have gotten over the course of the programme and lifting heavier weights. I felt really full on the meal plan and… read more

Future Fitness 56 Testimonial

“Thanks a million for everything. I am happy with the progress I made and the changes I have seen through the photos and without a doubt I will be doing a programme again with you! I really enjoyed it all and I found my strength really increased over the programme! Thanks again.” – Future Fitness… read more

Future Fitness 56 Testimonial

“I had been following Matt on Instagram for a while and knew a few people who had worked with him recently. Everyone had great words to say about Matt. I always wanted to do a diet programe but never got around to doing it. One evening I decided to send Matt an email to suss… read more

Denise’s Testimonial

”I found the programme really beneficial. I’m guilty of thinking eating less leads to weight loss but with the Future Fitness 56 programme you realise that actually it’s the opposite. You can eat a lot of food as long as it is the right food. I lost weight and toned up over the course of… read more

Declan’s Testimonial

”I decided to try Future Fitness 56 as I wasn’t having much luck losing weight. I had been training but never saw benefits. Matt’s plans gave me focus. I started using weights when before all I concentrated on was cardio. I changed my diet and I lost 23lb’s in 8 weeks. I really enjoyed the… read more

Roisin’s Testimonial

”My doctor told me over the course of one year that I had put on a stone and a half. She told me that I was going in the wrong direction and that I should just nip it in the bud and get rid of the weight before it goes too far. So I had… read more

Karina’s Testimonial

”Completely and utterly stuck in a rut after having two kids! Bad diet and very little exercise. The Future Fitness 56 programme gave me the kick start I needed to get myself back into shape.   By following Matt’s very sustainable meal plan I was able to loose pounds and inches over the last eight… read more

Amanda’s Testimonial

”Over the last few years I had ‘lost’ who I was. I was really stuck in a rut, binge eating, inconsistent with exercise and mentally struggling to see my self worth. Signing up to Matt’s programme was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I can’t believe how many inches I have lost… read more

Adam’s Testimonial

”I would highly recommend Matt to anyone who is looking to getting in shape. Over the last 8 weeks Matt has guided me in the right direction with my own personal training and nutrition plan. His approach to fitness is simple and effective and he will help you get the results you are looking for.”… read more

Future Fitness 56 Testimonial

  ”Just want to say thank you so much for the last 8 weeks.When I look back now I realise how much of a rut I was really in and I needed something to pull me out of it. The Future Fitness 56 did just that and your help throughout the 8 weeks was paramount… read more

Jillian’s Testimonial

”I have just completed Future Fitness 56 programme with Matt. I decided to join Matt’s programme as I was in the gym 3 days a week and thought I could eat what i liked (unfortunately it doesn’t work like that). I was wasting my time and money on the gym. So I signed up to… read more

Julie’s Testimonial

”A huge thanks to Matt over the last few weeks for all the hard work he has put into me. After completing the first Future Fitness 56 programme I wanted to push myself further and see how much more I could change my body shape. I felt I needed to be accountable for a further… read more

Keely’s Testimonial

”I can’t recommend Mcfuturefitness enough. A couple of months ago I felt ready to commit into a nutrition & fitness programme. I had made some progress on my own from obvious lifestyle changes but felt I needed support/guidance not to fall back into old habits. Matt’s programme educates, is flexible, understands that people need to… read more

Lisa’s Testimonial

”I had been following Matt on social media and trying his amazing recipes for a long time. I loved his no bs approach to training and his honesty about a balanced diet. I was always reading the testimonials on his website but It wasn’t until I saw a friends transformation from the first Future Fitness… read more

Louise’s Testimonial

”I really cant tell you how this plan has changed my life. I am now the lightest I have been in 11 years. I’ve spent this time yoyoing between the same 6-9 pounds. I have gotten much more from this plan than I could ever have imagined and my mind set around food has definitely… read more

Olivia’s Testimonial

”Thanks so much for all the positive comments and advice over this programme. It has been a great help to me over the last few months. My mind set has definitely changed in relation to food and am so conscious now of balance on a day to day basis. Weight loss has always been slow… read more

Sarah’s Testimonial

“Overall I have learned a huge amount from Matt throughout the Future Fitness 56 programme. Over the last 3 years I have tried so many different ways to loose weight and tone up, from dieting groups (slimming world), the body coach, different gyms, etc., and I would make some progress but always fall back into… read more

Michelle’s Testimonial

”I started Future Fitness 56 with Matt six weeks after I had my second child. I had felt overwhelmed with the amount of weight I had to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I had done every type of diet there was before, but I never found them sustainable, as I felt so… read more

Aoife’s Testimonial

”I always thought I was in control with my food and my portion sizes and that I was eating the right amount for my training. I lost a lot of weight a few years ago and thought I was heading in the right direction with doing Crossfit and trying to eat healthy. I could feel… read more

Gary’s Testimonial

”I can’t speak highly enough of the Future Fitness 56 programme. It was exactly what I needed to get back into my fitness plan. While I work night shifts every week I found I was working out less and had very bad eating habits so I decided to join this programme with Matt. It gave… read more

Future Fitness 56 testimonial

‘’ Couldn’t believe how quick the 8 weeks went. Before the programme I had failed at many attempts to start a healthier lifestyle. I would always fall off the bandwagon and always had excuses not to get back up on it. That all changed the day I signed up with Matt. Starting out the plan… read more

Future Fitness 56 testimonial

”Thanks a million for the last 8 weeks, I learned a lot about nutrition which at the beginning was one of my main goals. My energy levels are up and I’m sleeping better. I’m looking forward to working more on my fitness and I would definitely recommend the fit in 56 programme.’’ – Future Fitness… read more

Future Fitness 56 testimonial

  ‘’ I had been following Matt’s social media for a while but just didn’t think I had the time to do his program. January i took the plunge and couldn’t be happier that i did. As i had very little time to workout, he focused on my diet. I had no idea about nutrition… read more

DJ’s testimonial

  ”Seeing changes in my body is a great motivator. I’m starting to feel like my old self again and having more energy which for me motivates me a lot more. Cannot express enough how much my thinking towards food and kcals has change so so much in the last eight weeks. Also knowing to… read more

Olivia’s testimonial

‘’Thank you so much for all the assistance and information over the 8 weeks. It has been so helpful and will stay with me going forward. Thank you for such a wealth of advice to continue onwards. Have enjoyed being part of the group. I would be definitely interested in signing up for next programme… read more

Future Fitness 56 testimonial

”I’m delighted with the progress I made. To be honest, I didn’t think I could lose that much in that short of time, without doing a drastic diet. That’s the beauty of your plan- I didn’t feel like I was sacrificing or starving myself. I always felt like the plan was something I could do… read more

Future Fitness 56 testimonial

”The last 8 weeks have been an eye opener for me for someone who hated exercise and loves food i realised i can still eat the food i love and also enjoy exercise, Matt has shown me that i don’t have to go to the gym everyday of the week for hours on end to… read more

Nicola’s testimonial

  ‘’ I can’t believe the eight weeks are finished, it’s after going extremely fast. I can’t thank you enough for your amazing work. Before I started this programme weight loss and healthy eating seemed unmanageable and unrealistic. I never expected to get as much out of this as I have. I feel amazing, I have… read more

Julie’s testimonial

    “At the beginning of this year I wanted to have a goal that I would get fit and healthy!  Over the past year or two I’ve seen the results Matt has had with other friends of mine and decided I would start with the Future Fitness 56 challenge and see how it went… read more

Future Fitness 56 testimonial

“I started the Future Fitness 56 online programme 2months after having a baby. At this time I had 2 kids under 2 and life was very busy. Life wasn’t about me and I wasn’t allowing anytime for myself especially when it came to food, nutrition and exercise. Matt designed a programme that was flexible and… read more

Future Fitness 56 testimonial

”Overall I found the programme great. I will definitely be signing up to future online plans. I’ve tried all sorts from Weight Watchers to Slimming World , Pat Divily to personal training and your programme was by far the best. I’ve learnt so much and gained a lot from it as well in regards to… read more

Tommy Martin

   ‘Where do I start?….12 weeks ago I set out on another one of my many attempts to get leaner. Last year was a shit year for me personally as I sustained neck disc damage towards the end of my soccer season which resulted in me spending more time drinking and smoking than I did… read more

Lyndsey O’Grady

   “I didn’t realise my 12 weeks were finished. It’s after going extremely fast , but I can’t thank you enough for your amazing work. Going in to this I just expected to to get a better knowledge of nutrition but I actually came out with a lot more. I feel amazing – full of… read more

Paul Ryan

   “Thanks for putting me on the right track. It’s helped me some amount. I couldn’t recommend you enough to people. Even the few questions I had for you, you were straight back to me. Thanks again.” – Paul Ryan Ready to Begin Your Transformation Journey?Join our online coaching programme Enroll Now Matt’s thoughts; ”Paul… read more

Karen Nolan

  “I’ did an 8 week nutrition program with Matt online, while I was Crossfit training 3 times a week. It’s clear now that my diet was letting me down big time!! Since following Matt’s tailored plan I have become much stronger in my training smashing PB’s finally! Also I have seen a welcome change… read more

Louise Roberts

  ”My weight has dropped by 11.5 pounds which I am delighted with and I am comfortably back in my pre-pregnancy clothes. Thanks again for the boost I needed. Although my discipline slipped in the last 3 weeks with all that went on between prepping for an interview, Christmas party and my family home from… read more

Laura McCarthy

    “So this week is my last week. The 8 weeks flew. I’m really happy and proud of my progress. I’ve totally cut back on sugar which I never thought I could. I learned what to eat and when to eat it. You gave me all the knowledge I needed to feel better and… read more

John Cunningham

  ”I signed up with Matt after years of going to the gym with no goals or structure in place for training and nutrition. Like many people, I was just going through the motions not really seeing any progression in terms of strength or physique. Having known Matt for years I knew how knowledgeable he… read more

Rachel Sheehan

”Like many people, I tend to over-think my eating sometimes. I am a very active person and have a strong foundation of nutritional knowledge, but in the late summer, I felt that I wanted to make positive change to my nutritional habits and attitudes. I have been playing sport since I was four, with my… read more

Emily Talbot

”I really enjoyed the programme and I feel so much healthier and stronger. I have more energy and I loved working as part of a group as it motivated me to do better.” Ready to Begin Your Transformation Journey?Join our online coaching programme Enroll Now read more

Roisin Griffin

”The last six weeks have been the best decision I’ve ever made. Not only have I lost inches, I’ve gained a new understanding of fitness and nutrition. I’m a lot happier.The constant support has been amazing.” Ready to Begin Your Transformation Journey?Join our online coaching programme Enroll Now read more

Mary Hayes

”Six weeks on, I can’t believe the changes. I feel great, my diet is overhauled and my body shape is changing. This guy is a genius and I look forward to what the next six weeks will bring.” Ready to Begin Your Transformation Journey?Join our online coaching programme Enroll Now read more

Gary Mccormack’s Transformation – PT Client

???RESULTS ? ? ? Client Gary’s 8 week transformation. – 25lbs down – 11.5 inches lost including 6 off the waist – Increase in leg size, shoulder and back width. – Bodyfat down just over 8% – PR’s set in Squat, Deadlift and dumbbell press while dealing with an injured shoulder. – Improved posture and… read more

Richard Coughlan’s Transformation – Online Coaching

???RESULTS??? Online client @richard_coughlan 12 week transformation. One of the most dedicated clients I’ve ever had, Richard lost around a stone while strength levels increased and fitness levels went up through a mixture of high intensity and low intensity cardio. He never missed a check in, never missed a workout, never missed a cardio session… read more

Tommy Martin’s Transformation – PT Client

#transformationtuesday Client Tommy’s results after 12 weeks. Both of us are delighted with both the physical and lifestyle changes he has made in this time. Tommy came to me with a host of problems including back pain, poor posture (look at his head position from the side pic on top) , inactive core and glutes,… read more

Danny White’s Transformation – Online Coaching

Matt was very professional to work with and always at hand to give advice. In just a short 8 week coarse he taught me so much about dieting and the importance of organisation. I would gladly recommend Matt’s fitness and diet plans to anyone.” – Danny White Ready to Begin Your Transformation Journey?Join our online… read more

Paul O’Leary’s Transformation – Online Client

#flexfriday For the day that’s in it… ???RESULTS??? Online client and buddy Paul O’Leary’s 8 week transformation. – A stone down on the button – Strength has gone up and I think Paul actually added some lean muscle mass over the 2 months. – Fitness levels improved using a mixture of high intensity and slow… read more

Kevin Ryan’s Transformation – Online Client

“I decided to go for the 8 week program with Matt. It was all new to me as I never had a set program to follow before. I told Matt what shape I would like to achieve and he educated me on my diet and what weight program would suit me best. Excellent at his… read more

Jesse Moran’s Transformation – Competition Prep

“I was very anxious about stepping up into a higher more competitive bodybuilding class, but Matt always believed that i was capable and assured me every day that i was on track, he always kept the diet and macros easy to follow and was always there for support every morning and night and i wouldn’t… read more

Cliona Ryan’s Transformation – PT Client

#transformationtuesday RESULTS!!!! Client Cliona worked with me for 8 weeks. ? 13 pounds lost ? 12.5 inches lost in measurements ? Bodyfat down 8% ? lifestyle and eating habits have changed! Cliona went from going to the gym 6 days a week doings hours of cardio to doing 3-4 weight training sessions a week, no… read more

Paul O’Brien’s Transformation – Online Coaching

#transformationtuesday Online client @pobbo93 results at the end of his 12 weeks with me. You can see he’s gotten a lot leaner and added some lean muscle mass. This was the result of a change of eating habits and creating a consistent and sustainable eating and training structure that he could adhere to. The good… read more

Barry Dunne’s Transformation – PT Client

#transformationtuesday ?12 weeks ?15 pounds lost ?13 inches lost ? Bodyfat down 13% ? lifestyle changed ??? The pictures are only half the transformation, the mental changes are just as important as the physical. This 12 weeks was just the foundation for long term change. Bad habits were broken, onwards and upwards from here??? Happy… read more

Brendan Kelly’s Transformation – Photoshoot Prep

“What can I say about Matt Cooney, I actually couldn’t say enough. I don’t think I have to words to justify how good Matt is, his nutritional knowledge is so vast it’s scary and as for Matt’s training programmes and knowing how your body works is just unbelievable, Matt got me into the best shape… read more

David Sherlock’s Transformation – Online Coaching

I started an 8 week program with Matt with the aim of loosing weight, while at the same time getting stronger and putting on some lean muscle. My overall strength and fitness improved in such a short space of time. His program was tailored perfectly to suit me and what was discussed at the start.… read more

Matt Cooney’s Transformation

ROME WASN’T BUILT IN A DAY” “THIS IS A LIFESTYLE, NOT A DIET” These are two quotes every client I’ve ever had would have seen or heard me say. Top pics were taken on Monday January 4th at 7:30pm weighing around 187lbs Bottom pics were taken Monday 4th July at 7:30pm weighing 163lbs. 25 weeks… read more

Adam Carey’s Transformation – Online Coaching

#transformationtuesday Client Adam’s 8 week transformation. Only 4-5 weeks out of the 8 were spent in a calorie defecit losing fat but it happened very quickly. The rest of the time calories were around/just above maintenance with a focus on improving eating habits, gaining knowledge of nutrition and getting stronger in the gym without effecting… read more

Christy Richardson’s Transformation – Online Coaching

RESULTS ? ? ? All the way from Australia, client Christy has achieved these results by following a 12 week tailored online training & nutrition plan. When he came to me, he had no idea what was involved. He just wanted to get in better shape and knew that I had gotten results with people… read more

Brian Richardson’s Transformation – PT Client

RESULTS Nearly 2 stone lost in 12 weeks, nice healthy weight loss with a mixture of weight training, cardio, mma and a healthy diet. Nothing magic diet or supplement just hard work and consistency over time. Weight, measurements and Bodyfat all down without any strength lost, actually has gained a little and fitness levels have… read more

Eimear Griffin’s Transformation – PT Client

#transformation @grif20 has been working with me for the last 12 weeks. Delighted with her progress. 16 lbs down 17 inches lost (including 7 off waist) No magic diet or meal plan just using basic nutrition guidelines combined with a consistent effort and progression inside the gym. Great to see people reaching their goals. ##transformation… read more

Evanna Mcgrath’s Transformation – Online Coaching

“I had been going to the gym for about 6 months and wasn’t seeing any results so I decided to sign up to a programme with Matt. I had done different programmes and plans before but this one was different. Matt doesn’t just give you a generic plan to follow but instead he tailors his… read more

Eve O’keeffe’s Transformation – Online Coaching

“Easy to follow plan and I’m always learning when it comes to training and diet and how to fit it all into my daily routine. Matt has taught me how to have a balance without going from one extreme to another, and the importance of just being consistent and not worrying about the scales all… read more

Philly Cullen’s Transformation – Online Coaching

???RESULTS??? Online client @phillybow progress so far. Photos taken 12 weeks apart. A stone down. We had an inconsistent first few weeks but after identifying the problems and putting protocols in place to keep him on track, we started making steady progress each week. Philly, like many others, encountered the problem of doing great for… read more

Philly Stanley’s Transformation – Online Coaching

RESULTS Client @phillys8 results over the last few months! Last January Philly decided to get back fit and started going back to the gym. He came to me in May after doing a good job with losing weight and getting back into shape himself. He took himself from the bottom left pic to the middle… read more

Sandra Williams Transformation – Online Coaching

RESULTS “CONSISTENCY BEATS PERFECTION” Client Sandra’s 12 week #transformation!! I’m very proud of Sandra’s results in such a short period of time. Sandra was injured before we started together and was unable to train her lower body properly for the whole 12 weeks. We had to adjust her program weekly depending on what she could… read more

Pearse Morris’s Transformation – Online Coaching

“Working with Matt was the best fitness experience of my life. I had goals I wanted to achieve and tried many times to achieve them. With his program and nutritional advice i achieved my goal. His time frame was brilliant and he was with me the whole way. We had done the online PT as… read more

Tommy O’Connell’s Transformation – Photoshoot Prep

What can i say about Matt that hasn’t already been said? Well I’m lucky to call Matt my friend and I also had the pleasure of working with him recently on a six week transformation involving ten ladies. So I’ve seen first hand the dedication, hard work, devotion and commitment he puts into his work.… read more

Mikey Finn’s Transformation – Online Coaching

#transformationtuesday Client @michael.james15 worked with me for 14 weeks preparing for his MMA fight. Started at 92kg on the left, 79.8kg the day of weigh ins on the right with no dehydration or cutting weight. Great work, now he’s decided to hit the weight room to add some lean muscle to his physique and will… read more

Jamie Fawky’s Transformation – Online Coaching

“This programme was a real lifestyle changer for me in more ways than just new eating habits, I felt a lot better after a month or so and had no more random headaches which I used to get fairly often, and just had a better feeling about myself in general. It’s an enjoyable couple of… read more

Michelle O’Reilly’s Transformation – Online Coaching

“I think your program was super! It was so specific to me and my goals. I learned so much from you and learned so much about myself too! The PT sessions were so beneficial and I’m so much more confident in the gym! From all my years of exercising in gyms, doing classes and being into… read more

Shane Hennessy’s Transformation – Online Coaching

“I went to get a program off Matt after my ACL surgery to complement my rehab! Best thing about the programme was that everything was so specific for my needs, from the diet to the gym programme! Couldn’t be happier and would reccommend him 100%.” – Shane Hennessy Online Client Seán’s 8 Week Transformation Few… read more

Andrew Coffey’s Transformation – Online Coaching

“After reading back over the first form I filled out and everything I said I wanted to achieve I have and I feel great. You can’t really show in a picture exactly how much I’ve got out of this. I’ve learnt so much more than I thought I would. I’ve been with many teams which had… read more

Peter Folan’s Transformation – Online Coaching

“Took long enough to really get into the programme with all the injury setbacks, starting twice and having to stop with torn ligaments and broken collar bone,  but eventually got into it. It was tough starting off trying to get all those calories in and tougher training than I was used to for first few… read more

Jack Sherlock’s Transformation – Online Coaching

Working with Matt was a real learning curve for me. After 8 weeks I’m by far in the best shape of my life. Matt’s attention to detail and constant support makes it easy to stay motivated and stay on track! From day 1 Matt gave me everything I needed to change my body and lifestyle.… read more

Barry Corcoran’s Transformation – Photoshoot Prep

“Before I signed up with Matt I was your typical gym goer going from exercise to exercise with no guidance or structure in place! When I first started with Matt I had a banged up shoulder and lower back from lifting as I had no great knowledge of program development, Matt taught me the fundamentals… read more

Gooch Cawley’s Transformation – Photoshoot Prep

Where do i begin… Well before i even committed to venture with Matt,He was the main reason i started back in the gym after not stepping foot in one in about 4 years.Seeing the results he achieved with his clients made me wanna get back into a routine which i was so desperately needing. After… read more

Joanne Culhane’s Transformation – Online Coaching

“Training with with Matt was a real learning experience. My programme was tailored for me and my goals which just shows how much effort and time he puts into his clients. His extensive knowledge of how the body works and reacts to change is outstanding, and his repertoire of exercises is phenomenal. His constant support… read more

Edwina King’s Transformation – Photoshoot Prep

” Before I started with Matt I didn’t understand the concept of nutrition and it’s importance for both lifestyle and training. I barely knew what protein fats and carbs were. He opened my mind to a new lifestyle which I am so grateful for. When Matt gave me a nutrition and gym program I found a… read more

Bernadette McCabe’s Transformation – Photoshoot Prep

“If you’re not one for reading, then in brief – contact Matt Cooney to be your personal trainer. He’s excellent. You won’t regret it. If you want to know why you should do this then please keep reading. I’ve always been a ‘gym-goer’, going back to when I was 15 and convinced my parents to… read more

Amy White’s Transformation – Online Coaching

“I signed up to an 8-week online programme with Matt. My main goal was fairly superficial, to lose body fat. Before starting his programme, I would have gone to gym regularly and done a lot of cardio and fitness classes. My problem was that I wasn’t ever consistent, one week I was working out loads… read more

Sharon Nagle’s Transformation – Photoshoot Prep

“Before working with Matt I was unaccountable for my training and nutrition, which meant despite all my efforts I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. His knowledge and experience was very apparent from day one. With an extremely professional and personable approach he countlessly advised me on what I needed to do to achieve my… read more

Neil Kevin’s Transformation – Photoshoot Prep

“Before I started with Matt I taught I had all the knowledge and know how as any part time gym goer does. On lifting weights, nutrition, calories, and most aspects of the gym and working out. Then I started with Mr. Mcfuturefitness and realized, like John Snow, I knew nothing. He broadened my thinking and… read more

John O’Briens Transformation- Online Coaching

“Matt thanks a million for the last 8 weeks i cant believe the changes I’ve made. My clothes fit me better, I feel better mentally and physically and my own opinion of my body has changed drastically. Before i started this the confidence levels were fairly shot after a brutal Christmas. Since i’ve started with… read more

Brendan Dunne’s Transformation – Online Coaching

“I moved to Nenagh last year and had being a regular gym user for at least 2 years beforehand but never had a structured diet/workout plan. I was told about Matt by a client of his and although I thought I’d never go down the road of a personal trainer I had a look online… read more

Daryl Mcgee’s Transformation – Competition Prep

“When I decided I wanted to enter another men’s physique fitness competition I knew I wouldn’t be capable of doing it alone because their was too much to cover which I didn’t have a perfect understanding of, so I decided to ask Matt #chunks would he mind prepping me for it. We done 14 week’s in total… read more

Brian Cooney’s Transformation – Photoshoot Prep

“Working with Matt has been a great experience for me.The knowledge i have picked up from him has been a great help to me going forward. It wasn’t all about losing weight and looking good for the photoshoot for me. I was hoping i could learn a lot from working with Matt as i have… read more

Michael Hayes’s Transformation – Online Coaching

“It was great having Matt as a coach, he really helped me keep on track and keep me accountable each month. This is by a long shot the most consistent I’ve ever been with my calorie tracking and training. I would highly recommend Matt to anyone who is looking for online coaching.” – Michael Hayes… read more

Philly Cullen’s Transformation – Photoshoot Prep

“What can I say, I wouldn’t be where I am today without him and he wouldn’t be where he is today without me. ? One of the key things Matt has thought me is consistency is key when it comes to dieting and training. Not only did he help me on training but he helped… read more

Sheena Howard’s Transformation – Small Group Training

“My journey started with the 6 week Transformation program run by Matt in January 2017. I live a busy life with my career and family and had given birth to my third child in September 2016. I needed something structured to get me physically fit and also to motivate me mentally. I made the perfect… read more

Pearse Morris’s Transformation – Photoshoot Prep

“As a man who battled with depression and anxiety, I struggled to get myself back on track. I was lost without direction and motivation. Life was crumbling before me. Every time I stepped forward in my life, something would happen and before I knew it I would be three steps back. This continued for quite… read more

Louise Hickey’s Transformation- Pt/photoshoot Prep

“What can I say about Matt? What nice things can I say? I began working with Matt last September and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. WHY I BEGAN TRAINING WITH MATT: I was always physically active with sports and fitness classes. I felt I needed something extra and I… read more

Alan Quigley’s Transformation – Online Coaching

Before I started working with Matt my weight had really spun out of control for many different reasons and it had begun to really affect myself and my family. I wasn’t able to keep up with my son, my confidence was low, self-esteem shattered and I would generally try to avoid leaving the house at… read more