Ashley Dann

Age: 30

Job: Teacher

” It’s not all about the weight you lose, but it’s about THE LIFE YOU GAIN! ” 

What a journey this girl has been on!

Couldn’t be prouder of how far Ash has come over the last 12 months.


“Anyone that knows me, knows my journey BUT if you had said too me 12 months ago I would doing my second photoshoot, I would of laughed 😅

All thanks to MCfuturefitness and Eve I did.

June 27th, 28 amazing people did a photoshoot for Milford hospice.

This was such an amazing experience. I really stepped out of my comfort zone and I am so glad I did.

This journey is not something that happens suddenly, it takes time, work, dedication & commitment.

It’s not all about the weight you lose, the strength you build, but it’s about THE LIFE YOU GAIN.

Not once did I find this journey a challenge, I enjoyed every moment of it.

All you need is to be dedicated, show love for your body and be honest with yourself. Never look at it like a challenge, look at it as a journey, one that you will be glad you took.

Motivation gets you stared. It’s hard to stay motivated but it becomes a habit and you keep going. When you see the end results you will be happy you started and for me I am absolutely thrilled.

Don’t think everyday is plain sailing as it is not. There is always the good and bad days.

One thing I learned from this prep was, get your MINDSET in the correct frame of mind and all the rest will fall into place. Believe in yourself and don’t let the negatives get you down.”