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Hear what our clients are saying!

” I have made more progress in that time than I had in the 3years prior to that. ”

Marie O’Brien

Age: 27

Job: Nurse

“Wanting it is only 50% of the work. You can want it more than anything in the world, to the point it physically hurts you. I’ve run myself into the ground with gruelling cardio sessions, training 3 to 4 hours a day on my days off. I’ve starved myself, and cut out carbs, and…

” Over 4 stone gone and a new lifestyle gained ”

David Walsh

Age: 32

Job: Insurance Advisor, Father of 1

“Before starting with Matt I was weighing in at nearly 20 and a half stone (285.6 pounds). It was the heaviest I had ever been, I had no energy or drive. I had just recently become a father and even the simplest of things like playing with my son had me under pressure and out of breath. I always listened to the voice in my head saying I could carry…

” The quick fixes are gone forever!!! ”

Aoife Gavin

Age: 33

Job: Beautician

“For years I went to the gym, trying out different things (especially anything that was a quick fix, I’ll put my hands up here). I had lost a lot of weight through trying different things, but would never keep it off. Nothing was sustainable. It wasn’t until signing up with MCfuturefitness that I got a better understanding of my nutrition and what would…

” 33 Years of trying to figure it out on my own. 16 years lifting. Within 12 weeks of proper structure and guidance from you, we had achieved more. ”

Darren Cuddy

Age: 33

Job: Stone Mason

“Look what you can achieve in 12 months. If you could only get people to think of that. What can be achieved in 12 months. A year is nothing when you look at your whole life. 33 years trying to figure it out on my own. I’ve been lifting weights for 16 years. 16 fucking years trying to figure it out. Within 12 weeks of proper structure and guidance from you we had…

” It’s not all about the weight you lose, but it’s about THE LIFE YOU GAIN! ”

Ashley Dann

Age: 30

Job: Teacher

This journey is not something that happens suddenly, it takes time, work, dedication & commitment. It’s not all about the weight you lose, the strength you build, but it’s about THE LIFE YOU GAIN. Not once did I find this journey a challenge, I enjoyed every moment of it. All you need is to be dedicated, show love for your body and be honest with yourself…

” 38lbs down in 8 months and in the best shape of his whole life! ”

Martin Mahoney

Age: 38

Job: Software Engineer

I had started getting back into fitness a few years ago and had made a bit of progress. But I got to a point where I wasn’t sure where to go, what to do or what to focus on going forward. I knew I wanted to get in better shape and get stronger in the gym but I had no plan in place to actually do it. I reached out to Matt and the team and I haven’t looked back since!…

” The most important thing for me is now I have a great attitude towards living a healthy lifestyle. ”

Sarah Dervan

Age: 35

Job: Teacher / Mother of 1

The most important thing for me is now I have a great attitude towards living a healthy lifestyle. Not just for myself, but for my son as well. It’s no exaggeration to say that in my time with MCFuturefitness I have changed my entire life! Before beginning, I was really struggling. My weight. My lifestyle choices. Everything in general. You name it, I’d tried it…

” The difference a structured training and nutrition plan can make! ”

Darren Delaney

Age: 29

Job: Shop Assistant

Sports: GAA Player

“I’m a very fussy eater and messaged Matt before I signed up asking him would I have to eat certain foods because if I had to, that would have been a deal-breaker for me… I have spent the last 12 weeks eating all the foods I like. We identified his weak links and we really knuckled down on them. Sleep hygiene & routine. Food quality & variety to fill gaps in the diet…

Hear More From Them!

Julie nailed her nutrition and achieved a life changing transformation!

Conor took his training and nutrition to the next level and got in the best shape of his life!

Grainne took back her health while smashing a marathon and a photoshoot along the way!!

John changed his lifestyle and achieved a physique he never dreamed of!

Ciara’s physique, health and performance on the pitch went through the roof!

Tommy has been here from the beginning!

Darren had been training for 15 years but never seen the results for the effort he was putting in!

Helena has completely transformed her mindset around food and training forever!

Aoife’s confidence and performance has soared!

Gearoid put a structured plan in place with his training and nutrition for the first time and his physique completely transformed!

Lynn has lost over 5 stone and completely changed her life!

Emma is now loving the gym and living a healthy lifestyle!

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Sandra’s Testimonial

Sandra’s Testimonial

“I’ve worked with Matt numerous times & every time I do, I learn something new. His replies are so detailed & easy to understand. This is my second time doing the Fit in 56 programme. We are given such a variety of food...

Noel’s Testimonial

Noel’s Testimonial

”I worked with Matt on the Future Fitness 56 Programme. I had been pretty active and running a bit but felt sluggish and definitely needed to lose some weight. Taking measurements, planning meals and training in advance was a...

Future Fitness 56 Testimonial

Future Fitness 56 Testimonial

“Thanks a million. I can honestly say I was probably a bit sceptical starting the programme but can’t believe how much I have enjoyed it. I don’t think I have ever felt as full on a diet. I feel so much better in myself and for...

Lisa’s Testimonial

Lisa’s Testimonial

”8 week transformation with the one and only MCfuturefitness. Cannot thank him enough! For anyone who wants to do the Future Fitness 56 programe but isn’t 100% sure, do it. You will not regret it.”. – Lisa (Future Fitness 56)...

Marie’s Testimonial

Marie’s Testimonial

”I started the programme with little confidence after a recent weight gain. Within a week I had settled into the programme, was so motivated and loved eating and planning my food. I tried almost every recipe in Matt’s recipe...

Colette’s Testimonial

Colette’s Testimonial

“My insides were crying out for help and I wanted to make a big change. I signed up to Matt’s programme after seeing the fantastic results my sister in law Sheila made. My plan was specifically tailored for me. I remember...

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