“My insides were crying out for help and I wanted to make a big change.

I signed up to Matt’s programme after seeing the fantastic results my sister in law Sheila made.

My plan was specifically tailored for me. I remember looking at the plan thinking there was a serious amount of food to be consumed. I wasn’t going to be deprived or hungry! But the nutritional value in every recipe is the key to this tailored plan. The recipes keep the plan interesting. There are so many options for everyone.

Due to my work I did my workouts from home. Steps were increased and water intake increased to 3 litres/day.
My mindset has completely changed in relation to the food I put into my mouth. I’m in a good routine and I still enjoy my treats. I feel fantastic with great energy.
I’d like to thank Matt and all the group for all the information given to me over the last 8 weeks.”

I would recommend Matt’s programme 100%. It’s the best decision I’ve made for myself and my family.

– Colette (Future Fitness 56)

Matt’s thoughts;

“Colette’s transformation was incredible! Not only did she lose over 16 lbs over the course of the 8 weeks but she made so many positive healthy changes to her lifestyle and her energy levels have really improved.
Her results really show the hard work she put in. Her consistency was really good and she developed some really good eating and training habits that she will be able to use for life!

From never having lifted a weight to working out about 3 times per week at home from the comfort of her living room.

Over the course of the programme, she was sick, crazy busy on the farm, busy with her kids school events and even injured her foot (just to name a few things). Being a busy mother, things are always going to come up so it is hard to ever have a perfect week!! But you don’t need to be perfect!! It’s about being consistent and doing the best you can with each given situation.

That is what will get you results!

Some weeks you might not be able to fit in as many workouts as you had planned but just by keeping active and getting in your steps will be enough to help you make a big change.

Well done on all your hard work Colette.”

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