“I’ve worked with Matt numerous times & every time I do, I learn something new. His replies are so detailed & easy to understand. This is my second time doing the Fit in 56 programme. We are given such a variety of food choices & recipes that meals are never boring. The most important thing I’ve learned is it’s ok to slip up sometimes. Just get back on track the next day! Because of this, I’ve seen results better than I expected. Consistency beats Perfection is my new motto “
– Sandra

Matt’s thoughts;

“Sandra is another great example of the difference between fat loss and weight loss!! You can see such a difference in her photos even though 5 lbs might not seem like a lot. She is much leaner and has a much better body composition ! Being a mother and running your own business can be stressful so she was able to find a way to get results that fit in with her hectic schedule by doing home workouts. A lot of things came up during the programme but she always kept going! Consistency beats perfection! Since finishing the programme, she has joined a gym so looking forward to seeing her keep progressing!! Well done Sandra!!”

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