The Future Fitness 56 Challenge

you only need 56 days to achieve a life changing body transformation

Give Me 2 Hours a Week for 56 days, and…

I’ll Show You Step-by-Step, How to Go From…

See this photo of Sarah?

Well, she had struggled with her weight most of her life… And had been on and off the weight loss wagon so many times, she said she may as well have frequent flyer miles! In her words…

“You name it, I’ve tried it, but I’ve always ended up back at square one – and usually bigger than I started. I really had just given up. My diet was desperate, my lifestyle was very unhealthy and I had zero motivation. My energy levels were so low, I was running on caffeine to get through the day.”

Can You Relate?

If you’ve struggled to maintain your waistline trying to cope with the madness of the past 12 months, then I have some important news for you:

Following over 5,112 hours of painstaking research, I’ve identified there are four reasons people fail over and over and over again that almost everyone is oblivious to.

By following our Future Fitness 56 process, results like this have become an everyday occurrence for our clients…


Listen, I’m not sure what brought you to this page…

Maybe you piled on the pounds over the last year and just feel like crap.

Maybe you’ve hit the 40-year mark, and have felt the weight beginning to slowly increase.

Maybe you’ve recently had kids and want to get back in shape and feel good so you can have the energy to truly be there for them.

Maybe you’ve stopped playing a sport, and can no longer eat whatever you want

Maybe you’re unhappy every time you look in the mirror and it’s starting to make you feel down.

Or maybe you’re fed up with struggling with your weight going up and down, and need some good solid advice based on science that works so you can lose it permanently.

Whatever the reason, I can promise you’ll never hear me talking about fad diets, special formulas, ‘hidden secrets’ or any other B.S. because…

These Types of Rackets are Why You Haven’t Been Able to Lose Weight

And if you’re like most people I’ve met you’ve tried hard… Maybe you’ve tried all the low carb, no-carb, juice diets and slimming clubs.

Perhaps you’ve joined a gym and go 3-4 times a week, work out hard and are on a diet but… Nothing seems to happen at all.

You’ll never guess the number of people I speak with who was going to a gym for years without any structure to their workouts and zero organisation with their diet.

And then there’s those who will track their calories, but really just starve themselves on 1200 calories, and walk for miles every day for a week or two. They want the best results, but they just don’t have the knowledge and have been misinformed by their coaches, or the books or youtube videos they’ve watched.

The end result:

They End Up Working Twice as Hard for Half the Results Or follow a plan that’s simply unsustainable over the long term…

The Future Fitness 56 Challenge

We will show you everything you need to know to Master Your Willpower and Cravings, Exercise and Eat the Right Way, and Create the Vision, Motivation and Mindset to transform forever.

In the Future Fitness 56 we will explain the 4 pieces of the puzzle you need to focus on:

Sustainable nutrition for long term results

A simple yet sustainable plan that works in harmony with your lifestyle rather than against it.

Efficient Training

Science based training programmes tailored to your level to get you stronger, fitter and seeing real results

Follow a lifestyle, not a diet

Our lifestyle first approach will not only get you in shape, but keep you in shape forever!

Master your mindset

Get the mind right and the body will follow. “The body achieves what the mind believes.”


But, What sets us apart?

Yes, while personal trainers will focus primarily on training and ignore nutrition for the most part…

And slimming and weight loss clubs primarily focus just on what you eat…

And neither of them offer unlimited access to coaches for advice and a supportive community…

When You Join Us, You Don’t Just Get One Crappy Piece of the Jigsaw Puzzle

There simply is no-one out there teaching this sort of information in a wholistic manner.
Only a few come close, but they either…

1 ) Charge you a small fortune for 1 on 1 coaching, which is outside most people’s budget.

2) Don’t truly understand because they haven’t done the depth of research to make the whole process as simple as 1, 2, 3.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or have been at it for years, this remarkable program gives you everything science shows you need (broken down, step-by-step) to take you from where you are to where you want to be in the shortest time possible.

Nothing has been left out. In fact…

You’ll Even Have a Team of Professional Coaches
Holding Your Hand, Every Step of the Way

Join the future fitness 56 challenge!

You Are About To Get Access to:

Tailored Nutrition Plan

Comprehensive setup guide for your nutrition, training and mindset

Full Recipe Library with over 200 recipes

Meal planner

Our Private Client Portal

Bi-weekly Check ins with an experienced coach

Over 30 Educational Modules covering all aspects (stress, energy digestion, sleep, habits and much more)

Eating out and Alcohol guides

8 Week Home or Gym Programme tailored to your level

Exercise library and tutorials for all exercises

Progress Tracker

Private Facebook Group

Lifetsyle and mindset coaching

Constant support and accountability from me and the team

Weekly Q & A’s and challenges

Consistent education and guidance

Bonus Contents:

BONUS #1 Weekly Zoom Coaching Call (Value €99)

BONUS #2 Lifetime Access to our recipe and exercise library.
(Value €99)

Total Value – €921 €229

Your future fitness guarantee

I Promise to Have Your Back and Support You Every Step of the Way

When you grab the bull by the horns and invest in the FF56 system, you’ll never be left wondering or unsure about something.

You’ll know exactly what you are supposed to be doing at all times.

And we’ll always be honest with you, and tell you the truth no matter what.

What’s more, you don’t just get the fortnightly check ins to assist you with compliance and accountability…

You can reach out at anytime and ask us anything throughout the 56 day program.

Whether it’s tips on food, sleep, stress or training, my team and I are always available to answer questions and provide direction on how to progress so the entire process is manageable and enjoyable.

Plus, you’ll join a committed group with our community – where you can actually see and interact with others who are going through the same journey, and see their personal results real time. And as the icing on the cake…

You Get Lifetime Access to the Downloads, Programmes, Progress Tracker, Exercise and Recipe Library and Plans

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