Get a head start on Christmas and make the most of this lockdown period!


Let me help you look and feel your best this Christmas!



After the success of last years programme, we had to bring it back!


There’s never been a more important time to look after your mental and physical health.


Over the next 6 weeks, we are going to help you take control of your health, nutrition and mindset to drop unwanted bodyfat and get you the results you deserve!




Intelligent Approach To Fat Loss

Tailored Nutrition Plan

Brand NEW Gym or Home Workouts (+ live lockdown Workouts!) 

6 Weeks of expert coaching, accountability and education. 

Learn how to lose fat… and keep it off! 


After helping our clients smash the last lockdown, we can’t wait to help you!


Join our community and surround yourself with people who want to see you succeed!


We will be with you every step of the way. Let’s finish 2020 together!


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Learn The Methods. Get The Results.

Over the last 6 years, I've helped 1000's of men and women transform their bodies without....

  • Eating dull tasteless diets (that only trigger massive weekend binges and put you back at square one)
  • Spending hours in the gym or doing long boring cardio sessions (that only leave you feeling tired, frustrated and sweaty)
  • Pricey supplements (that burn a hole in your wallet)

We provide you with an easy to follow, step by step system which allows you to....

  • Drop bodyfat and keep it off while eating foods you enjoy.
  • Increase your energy and confidence.  
  • Build a better mindset and new habits along the way. 

Check out some of our 6 week transformations below…

Hear what some of our previous clients have to say about our programmes.

What's on Offer?

What will I get…


Calorie & macronutrient controlled plan.

Sample meal plan.

Full recipe library. (Over 150 recipes)

6 week planner.

Educational videos.


Structured gym programme to suit all levels.

2/3/4 day workout option.

Beginner/ Intermediate/ Home workout option.

Full exercise tutorials for each exercise.

Weekly LIVE Zoom workout.

Cardio & steps protocol.


Private Facebook group. 

Weekly Zoom coaching call.

Daily content. 

4 strategic phases.

Access to the MC Future Fitness client portal.

Downloadable guides & resources.

Over 25 education modules.


With lots of resources and tools to help accelerate your results!



Check out some of our amazing long term client transformations…

They all started by taking that first step and committing to making a change! 


What happens the minute I join?

As soon as you join, you’ll get a welcome email and have immediate access to the course. 

You will then be guided through a step by step process to get you all setup.

Do I need to be a member of a gym? 

No. We also have a home workout option in the course! You will just need a set of DB’s or KB’s and you can workout in the comfort of your own home!

How much time will all this training take?

No more than 2 hours per week.

If you can commit more time to training, great!

But training is just one small piece of the puzzle. We put a huge focus on nutrition, habits and lifestyle changes as they will be the priority for achieving the results you want.

What if I’m just starting out, will it be too much?

No. You’ll be taught everything you need to know inside the course! 

It’s structured so that you learn as you go while focusing on the things you need to achieve a fat loss result and keep it off in the long term!  

Can I join anytime?

Yes the programme is available at anytime and you can start straight away! 

Do we have lifetime access?

No. You’ll have access for 70 days once you purchase. This gives you 10 weeks in total! 

You will however, be able to keep all of the downloads, programmes and plans.

You will also still have access to the portal and areas inside the portal. (Exercise library, recipe library, progress tracker etc)

Finally, you will have the opportunity to join our team in our Inner Circle private membership site to give you long term support, accountability and help you continue on your fitness journey! 

Meet the Coach

Matt Cooney

I’ve spent years studying everything I can on training and nutrition to try and achieve a better body. Just achieving results is not enough for us; we want you to understand THE WHY behind the results. We aim to empower you to understand the process so that you can continue to get results for the rest of your life.

Unfortunately for me, the first 5 years was spent reading the wrong information.


That’s why I’ve devoted my life to providing valuable information on training, nutrition and lifestyle that you can take and apply.

This industry is full of incorrect information and people just trying to make a quick buck.

This makes it difficult for people to know who they can trust and what they should listen to.

Here is the truth.

There are 100’s of different training programs and diets out there.
For any of these to be successful, they have to adhere to the same underlying principles.

Why they don’t tell you about these underlying principles?
– €€€€ –

They want you to buy their product or service.

My aim is to teach you the principles that make these training programs and diets work.

What you will NOT find here:

  1. FAD diets
  2. Special formulas
  3. Hidden secrets

What we teach at MCFuturefitness is nothing new. The philosophies and methods we use have been around for years but have been buried underneath all the B.S.

Our Process

The ‘’No B.S method’’

Don't Sell Bullshit

You will never find us selling something that we don’t fully believe in.
Our training and nutrition methods are based on proven scientific principles and methods.

People like Alan Aragon, Dr Brad Schoenfeld, Dr Mike Israteal, Dr Eric Helms, Lyle McDonald,
Dr Mike Zourdos, Martin MacDonald are just some of the many people who have had an
influence on our training and nutrition methods.
We take the research, break it down and show you how it can be practically used to build
muscle, lose fat, get strong or improve your health.

Don't Speak Bullshit

We are very careful in making sure that we don’t talk about things that we are not certain
I have no issue in telling you I don’t know something, nobody knows everything. But I will
invest time into making sure that I have an answer for you or direct you somewhere to get
the answer.
“If your coach starts by saying ‘it depends’ when answering a lot of your questions, don’t get
frustrated. It just means they’re not as comfortable lying to you or making things up as the
rest of them. “

Eliminate all the bullshit

This industry is flooded with people claiming to have found the newest way to lose weight, get fit, build muscle or improve your health. All their claims are backed up with nothing.

We aim to cut through all the bullshit to give you the information that you need and show you how it actually works.

Still not convinced?

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