”Best thing I’ve ever done for myself. It has literally changed the way I feel about myself and what I see when I look in the mirror. I don’t know her fully yet but I really like her. ????

I have so much more confidence in who I am as a person. And I have accepted that yes I might look a bit different to others physically, but skin is only part of you not all of you.

This Christmas was the first one that I didn’t over indulge but still had nice things. I no longer eat food cause it’s just there. Honestly if it just changes your mindset towards food and being healthy, it’s a huge step in the right direction. I can safely say Matt is so honest and nice, never judgmental and so supportive.

The eight weeks flew and at the start, I was like ”I’ll never do this”. You just get into the swing of things. It’s no longer a diet, it’s my lifestyle.


– Michelle (Winner of our Future Fitness 56 September programme)

Matt’s thoughts;

“Michelle was the winner of best transformation on our September Future Fitness 56 programme.

Incredibly proud of what she achieved over the eight weeks. Completely different mindset when it comes to nutrition and eating healthily. She completely overhauled her diet and got into a really good routine with her meal prepping.

She was always so positive and kept everyone else in the group motivated.

It’s much more than just a physical transformation here! Her self esteem really improved and she is so much more confident in herself now. Never in her life did she think she would be able to get up in front of a camera and take part in a photoshoot but look at her now!! No stopping her!!

 Her photos show the hard work she put in. Well done Michelle.”