”I decided to try Future Fitness 56 as I wasn’t having much luck losing weight. I had been training but never saw benefits. Matt’s plans gave me focus.

I started using weights when before all I concentrated on was cardio. I changed my diet and I lost 23lb’s in 8 weeks. I really enjoyed the varied training and the use of weights. Would highly recommend the programme.”

– Declan

Matt’s thoughts;

”Declan came to us with the goal of getting healthy and losing weight.

He had a very hectic schedule between work and family life so wanted something that could fit into his lifestyle.

He had previously only ever done cardio based exercises so weight training was relatively new. He got into a really good routine with his diet and really started to enjoy weight training.

Declan lost 23lb (nearly 2 stone!!!) and 21 inches off his measurements over the 8 weeks. Amazing results for such a short period of time!!”

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