”Seeing changes in my body is a great motivator. I’m starting to feel like my old self again and having more energy which for me motivates me a lot more. Cannot express enough how much my thinking towards food and kcals has change so so much in the last eight weeks. Also knowing to save kcals for upcoming events is a massive tip for me. I think the knowledge of kcals is what I’ll take most from this experience and the huge difference in small amounts of certain foods so high im kcals compared to having large amounts of food low in kcals and that you dont need to be hungry to lose weight. This has reprogrammed my relationship with food and I just hope it stays with me. I will certainly be signing up for another one of these when you start it again in April and might have another 1 or 2 recruits for you who have seen my progress and want help.’’

– DJ Meagher

Matt’s thoughts;

“Over the 8 weeks, DJ lost 22 pounds (nearly 2 stone) and 26 inches. Absolutely amazing results.
Energy increased dramatically and sleep improved even as a night shift worker.
Sometimes there wasn’t always time for the gym so we focused on really nailing his nutrition and keeping up activity levels.
Really proud of these results and how far he has come. His whole attitude has changed towards nutrition and I am excited to work with him for the next programme so we can continue to make progress.”

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