“I had been following Matt on Instagram for a while and knew a few people who had worked with him recently. Everyone had great words to say about Matt.

I always wanted to do a diet programe but never got around to doing it. One evening I decided to send Matt an email to suss out the programe and never looked back. Working with Matt gave me the kick up the arse I needed. Being held accountable to Matt made me more conscious about picking at food and the weekends!

My diet was never awful but the weekends used to set me back big time. With small changes to your lifestyle, Matt is able to create a programme that allows your to enjoy your weekends and make progress. Matt kept the programme really simple and there is no fluffy business with him. He’s straight to the point with what you need to do.

I went on a few holidays and and enjoyed a few nights out over the 8 weeks and still managed to make progress. Previously I would have gone on holidays and easily gained half a stone!! Working with Matt meant that I was able to continue my weight loss while on holidays and still enjoy a dessert or two!!

Matt was always there for any questions you would have and the Facebook group is great motivation when you see the effort everyone else puts into the programme aswell. I will definitely be working with Matt again for the next programme and would recommend it to anyone!”

– Future Fitness 56 participant

Matt’s thoughts;

”This clients transformation was amazing.

By making a few changes to her lifestyle and getting into a really good routine with her diet and training, she was able to make great progress on this programme.

She was able to do all this with 2 holidays and a few nights out in between!! Just making healthier, smarter choices, she was able to keep on track and not let it effect progress too much! You can still have a social life and make progress on a diet!! It’s about finding a way that is sustainable for you that fits into your life!

She lost 10 lbs and 18 inches from her measurements.”

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