‘I just finished Matt’s 8 week online programme and I’m delighted with the results.

My motivation was at an all time low but this has given me my mojo back!

For anyone considering this, I say go for it. Constant guidance and encouragement throughout!

Worth every penny and truthfully, I’m already considering signing up for the next one! Thanks Matt ????”

– Future Fitness 56 Participant

Matt’s thoughts;

‘This clients transformation was amazing. The pictures speak for themselves but this transformation was a lot more than just a physical transformation.

Over the eight weeks, she made so many positive changes to her diet and lifestyle which really helped her achieve such fantastic results as well as boosting her mood and her energy levels!! She got into a good routine with meal prepping and learned a lot about nutrition throughout the programme.

One thing in particular was that her confidence really improved!! She finally feels good about herself and is motivated to keep up these good habits she has developed to make this a whole lifestyle now and not just an eight week plan.

She was able to do all this while still enjoying lots of social occasions such as nights out, christenings and weekends away. Why? Because she found a sustainable way to keep on track that fit in to her lifestyle which is the most important thing when it comes to dietary adherence – finding an approach that suits you.”

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