” I would really just like to say thanks so much. I have learned that carbs are not the devil and it is just a bad mindset really thinking that certain foods will make u bloat.

I have stopped all classes because I think I was just seeing them as a chore more so than anything. Literally just doing the weight training and getting my steps in. Really enjoying the weight training. And love that I have gotten that bit stronger too.”

– Future Fitness 56 Testimonial

Matt’s thoughts;

“Unreal transformation!! Only 2 lbs in the difference but you can clearly see massive progress between these two pictures. To achieve these results, we reduced training and increased calories!! This is a prime example of why carbs are not the enemy and are so important in helping you achieve these type of results!!  There is no reason to cut them (or any food group) from your diet. Sometimes a little bit more food and less training is all that is needed!! You will feel much better too and will actually be able to enjoy the process which is what makes it sustainable.
Well done on all your hard work!!”

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