”I have struggled with my weight most of my life. I’ve been on and off the weight loss wagon so many times, I may as well have frequent flyer miles! You name it, I’ve tried it, but I’ve always ended up back at square one – and usually bigger than I started. I really had just given up. My diet was desperate, my lifestyle was very unhealthy and I had zero motivation. My energy levels were so low, I was running on caffeine to get through the day.

A friend did this programme in May and got unbelievable results!! I decided to try it myself. And it was easily one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. With Matt’s help, I completely overhauled my entire lifestyle. This programme gave me the motivation (and the kick in the ass I needed!) to completely change my diet and exercise regime. Not only that, I gave up alcohol and drastically improved my sleep. My ability to handle stress has increased dramatically. I am buzzing with energy and I am so enthusiastic about continuing with this programme. I’m excited for what the next chapter will bring. The 8 weeks flew, and the programme is so easy to follow. The workouts pushed me, but were easy to integrate with my day. The meal plan was so straight forward, and the meals were delicious!

The check ins with Matt were unreal! Consistently detailed, positive and motivating – it really kept me going. I looked forward to checking in, and getting back my feedback. Goal setting with Matt was a great focus!! I really felt supported throughout, which was so important. It really feels like Matt is in your corner. Even when I thought I could’ve done better, achieved more – I always felt a real sense of achievement after getting my feedback. I’m just sorry the 8 weeks are over!!!

I couldn’t recommend it more!!!! Its not just about weight loss – it changed my entire lifestyle. In truth, I’m just sorry I waited to get started. If you are considering it, absolutely do it. You wont be one bit disappointed!!!”

– Future Fitness 56 Participant

Matt’s thoughts;

“This client had an incredible journey over the 8 weeks! 18 lbs down and energy levels really improved! It’s a lot more than just a physical transformation that you see here in her pictures.

Her results over the 8 weeks show the hard work she put in. Her consistency and adherence was really good throughout and she developed some really good eating and training habits. A whole new mindset when it comes to her diet! She is such a positive person!

She was so committed to making a big change in her life throughout the programme and always took every bit of feedback on board making improvements each week! This is why she got such fantastic results.

Well done and I am really excited to see you keep progressing over the next few months!!”

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