”The last 8 weeks have been an eye opener for me for someone who hated exercise and loves food i realised i can still eat the food i love and also enjoy exercise, Matt has shown me that i don’t have to go to the gym everyday of the week for hours on end to loose weight and start living a healthy lifestyle. I have even come to enjoy the work outs which is something i thought i would never say!

He was always available when you had any questions to ask.  The encouragement and support from Matt throughout was unreal so much so that you felt even more proud of yourself after you received your feedback from your check in every week because he was so excited for you. I just cant recommend signing up enough!’’

– Future Fitness 56 participant

Matt’s thoughts;

“So happy with this clients results. As well as losing over a stone and 24 inches, she now also actually enjoys working out and looks forward to exercising.

She has made some really positive changes in her lifestyle and I am excited to see what the future has in store for her.”

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