”I can’t speak highly enough of the Future Fitness 56 programme. It was exactly what I needed to get back into my fitness plan.

While I work night shifts every week I found I was working out less and had very bad eating habits so I decided to join this programme with Matt. It gave me direction and accountability and I now have structure back with eating right and training alot more.

The group was great with encouraging and sharing information. I would recommend it to anyone looking to get that kick start. The programme has finished a number of weeks now but I’m still following Matt’s plan and finding it a lot easier. Great programme!!”

– Gary

Matt’s thoughts;

”Gary make some incredible changes over the 8 weeks and not just physical changes.

One of our biggest focuses over the 8 weeks was to work on improving his sleep as he is a night shift worker.

Sleep improved dramatically over the course of the programme which had a positive knock on effect on energy levels meaning he was able to train harder!!

As well as this, he lost 12 lbs and 12.5 inches from his measurements!”

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