“At the beginning of this year I wanted to have a goal that I would get fit and healthy! Over the past year or two I’ve seen the results Matt has had with other friends of mine and decided I would start with the Future Fitness 56 challenge and see how it went for me. Matt was very supportive from the start and I think filling out that questionnaire was the most honest I had ever been with someone about my weight. I’ve always been up and down with my weight but since having my son, I’ve struggled massively with keeping the weight off. I went on all those stupid diets and shakes but the weight always came back on and to be honest if I didn’t see results straight away I gave up. Matt’s programme was different though- he worked with the food I liked and built a meal plan around that. It was easy to follow and the food prep was effortless. His live Q&As really helped as well and so did the recipes posted on his website and in the group. I think overall he just educated me on making good choices and that is what I needed. He made me see the bigger picture- the way to eat well, lose weight and build muscle. I’m a teacher and have a long commute to work so time in the gym wasn’t something I could commit to on a regular basis especially with my partner working shifts and a little man to mind. I knew I would be self conscious in the gym anyway so I opted to workout at home for the 8 weeks. The workout videos he sent on were fantastic and really built up my confidence working with weights and on my general fitness. I went from doing nothing to looking forward to working out when I got home from school- especially if that day had been stressful. Matt challenged me every week with the fitness side of the programme and I honestly tried my best to meet those challenges because I didn’t want to let him down and I think being accountable to him every week really kept me in check. I trusted him 100% and he got me over the line. I can honestly say I feel like a different person. That person that is in that picture 8 weeks ago is well gone. My relationship with food has completely changed and I’m so much more active than I was. Overall- I’m a happier person and more importantly- a healthier person. To anyone considering doing it, just do it – you definitely won’t regret it!”

– Julie King

Matt’s thoughts;

”Julie was the winner of our first Future Fitness 56 challenge.

– Lost 9 lbs
– Lost 22.5 inches in measurements.
– Contributed regularly to the facebook group.
– Her sleep & energy dramatically improved.
– Whole mindset has shifted.
– Improved knowledge of nutrition and training.

Julie’s testimonial literally optimizes what we set out to do when we created this programme and I’m very proud of how far she’s come in such a short time. ”

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