”As a serial yo-yo dieter I signed up to Matt’s programme hoping to lose a few lbs, that was the story of my life …always trying to lose a few lbs and never being happy with the number on the scales .

What I got instead was an education in how to eat properly, without feeling deprived! I can honestly say I have eaten more, both in volume and variety in the last 8 weeks than I can ever remember. I have had hiccups along the way but always managed to reel it back in.

I’ve learned not to be afraid of the gym, everybody is there for the same reason. I’m more conscious of my activity levels in general and my energy levels are up as a result .

I’m extremely happy and proud of the progress I made in the 8 weeks but couldn’t have done it without Matt’s help, he is always there to answer any queries and his feedback to my biweekly check is was always very detailed and very positive, always spurring me on to continue to do well.

Overall I would highly recommend this program to anybody thinking of improving their lifestyle. I promise you won’t regret it!

– Kerry (Future Fitness 56)

Matt’s thoughts;

“Kerry had previously tried many different types of diets before starting our programme and was able to lose a lot of weight doing them. The only problem with these methods was that they weren’t sustainable and it was too hard to keep the weight off after losing it!! Too restrictive, eating very little meaning energy levels and mood was always very low.
Being a busy mother of three, it is so important to find a healthy way to manage your diet and nutrition. A way that can easily fit in to you and your family’s life! So that you can feel better as well as look better.
Kerry really put a lot of hard work in improving many aspects of her life. As well as eating well and exercising, she focused on improving sleep and stress and is now managing them a lot better. So proud of what she achieved over the last 8 weeks and especially happy to hear that she is feeling much more confident in herself.
It can be very hard to get out of the yo-yo diet mindset!! Everybody wants fast results. It’s not about fast results, it’s about end results!’

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