”I started Future Fitness 56 with Matt six weeks after I had my second child. I had felt overwhelmed with the amount of weight I had to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

I had done every type of diet there was before, but I never found them sustainable, as I felt so restricted, and if I ate even a bar of chocolate I would beat myself up over it!!

With Matt’s plans, I never once felt like I was on a diet, and I could still eat what the rest of the family was eating, and still enjoy a treat every now and again! In the 8 weeks I lost 15lbs and a massive amount of inches..

While I also nearly had an occasion every weekend! I feel my relationship with food has changed and I don’t need to binge to treat myself ????

I also learned that you don’t need to kill yourself in the gym everyday to succeed..and most importantly a diet doesn’t need to control your life!”

– Michelle

Matt’s thoughts;

”Michelle came to us after having her second child so that she could kick start her post partum weight loss journey! She is getting married in August so really wanted to push herself so that she can look her best on her big day.

She was really dedicated over the 8 weeks and it shows in her results!!! Amazing progress made while still being able to enjoy social events.

She lost 15lbs and an incredible 48 inches off her measurements.”

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