”My doctor told me over the course of one year that I had put on a stone and a half. She told me that I was going in the wrong direction and that I should just nip it in the bud and get rid of the weight before it goes too far.

So I had joined slimming world and lost some weight but I wanted to become fit. So decided I’d do something with Matt.

I found it so different from the slimming world diet. With Future Fitness 56 I was on a calorie deficit which was so tough for me not being able to eat as much as I wanted.

But after the first few weeks I was so full after every meal. My body just got used to the smaller portions. And Matt’s recipes online are just so tasty. It’s so good knowing exactly how much you’re eating and all the nutritional value to go with it.

I had a good few slip ups but Matt gave me the best advice and literally pages of info.

I found the workouts easy to follow with Matt’s demonstrations. The first week was to ease us into getting used to working out and my muscles were killing me. As the weeks went on the pain went and I genuinely enjoyed them and looked forward to the next weeks videos.

Since the programme has ended I can happily say that working out has become a habit now.”

– Roisin

Matt’s thoughts;

”Roisin came to us with the goal of getting fit!!

Over the course of the programme, she really looked at upping her activity levels and started jogging.

The changes she made to her diet meant that she was able to fuel herself correctly and her fitness really improved over the 8 weeks.

She got into a really good routine with her diet and training!

She lost 10 lbs and 22 inches from her measurements. Amazing transformation.”

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