“Overall I have learned a huge amount from Matt throughout the Future Fitness 56 programme. Over the last 3 years I have tried so many different ways to loose weight and tone up, from dieting groups (slimming world), the body coach, different gyms, etc., and I would make some progress but always fall back into my old habits.

With Matt it was completely different, he gave me a personalised food plan that included foods that I actually enjoy eating, and it also allowed for me to include a treat every day which helped hugely as I didn’t feel deprived.

In the past I always used an “all or nothing” approach to dieting which wasn’t sustainable. Throughout the 8 weeks, with Matt’s help, I learned to have a more balanced approach where 80-90% of my food is healthy nutritious food and the rest is whatever I want.

The focus is on the long term and forming habits that become normal, and for me, now that the program is over, I have continued on with the diet and training and it has become my normal routine.

In terms of exercise, I joined a gym for the workouts. At the start I found them challenging but over the weeks I became more familiar with the exercises and started to really enjoy going to the gym. The regular check ins with Matt helped me to stay accountable and the feedback from the check ins was brilliant, he answered my questions in detail and gave great feedback and encouragement.

The weekly Q&A’s in the Facebook group were also very helpful as different topics were covered and I got to hear other people’s questions.

Overall I am delighted with the progress I made over the weeks, both physically and with my mindset, and I have to say that I would highly recommend this programme to anyone.”

– Sarah

Matt’s thoughts;

”Sarah’s journey was incredible. Seeing her whole mindset towards food change over the 8 weeks was amazing. Her testimonial speaks for it self!! This is the main reason the reason we created this programme!!

She lost 8 lbs and 20 inches from her measurements.”

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