“I signed up to an 8-week online programme with Matt. My main goal was fairly superficial, to lose body fat. Before starting his programme, I would have gone to gym regularly and done a lot of cardio and fitness classes. My problem was that I wasn’t ever consistent, one week I was working out loads and the next I was barely moving off the couch in the evening. My diet was equally erratic, I swung from starving myself of carbohydrates, to then over eating all the wrong foods after a few days. In short I was wasting a lot of time exercising and dieting with zero results.

Matt took a detailed questionnaire to see what my current diet was like, what foods I like, my lifestyle, stress levels and workload. I had a pre-conceived notion that he’d return with a magical diet plan, one that gave me an exact meal plan to follow each day, something that required me to be eating chicken and broccoli from a Tupperware box for every meal. Thankfully that was not the case.

The whole reason the programme worked was because it was maintainable. Coming from years of relying on restrictive crash diets to lose weight, it’s hard to trust this approach at first. The programme introduced me to flexible dieting, where although I had to weigh and track my food, I was eating a lot more food then I used to eat and it was food that I enjoyed.

For me the best part of the programme was being introduced to weight training. Having never ventured over to the weight section of the gym, it was initially daunting. during all the years I’ve spent running on treadmills, I’ve never seen my shape change. After the 8 weeks of weight training I can start to finally see some change. I’ve started to love going to the gym again.

Matt was great, easy to work with and professional, he was always on hand for any questions. The weekly Monday morning check ins with Matt made sure I finally had to be accountable for my weekend eating habits. Not every week was perfect, my eating habits took awhile to change, but it was great to get Matts feedback and encouragement.

An unexpected benefit of the programme was the increase in my energy levels and getting a lot more quality sleep. It’s definitely not a quick fix, it’s a long-term solution and a great opportunity to start learning the facts around nutrition and fitness and I would recommend it to anyone.”


– Amy White

Matt’s thoughts;

“Bernadette came to me with the goal of adding some muscle. After doing a couple of modelling shoots before, we set a goal of doing her first fitness focused shoot. We spend a good 4-5 months building up her strength and adding calories to support muscle growth. This can be a weird thing for a girl to experience, weight going upwards and continually eating more food but Bernadette trusted me and went with the process. This made the cut down for the shoot a lot easier and you can see by the pic’s, Bernadette was in incredible shape! She’s ridiculously hard working and dedicated in all aspects of life, she has a crazy busy schedule between work, study, travelling and everything else in between but she never complained, trains at stupid o’clock to get her workouts in and has made a real effort to improve herself by focusing on her own health, trying to control stress levels, improve her sleep and improve the quality of her nutrition to keep her energy levels up and avoid getting run down. Big thanks to her boyfriend Eoin from Eoin Murphy Fitness for sending her my way for coaching!”

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