“After reading back over the first form I filled out and everything I said I wanted to achieve I have and I feel great. You can’t really show in a picture exactly how much I’ve got out of this. I’ve learnt so much more than I thought I would. I’ve been with many teams which had dietitians come in and to be honest I feel where they offer advice and tips, the 8 weeks i spent with you was way more beneficial. Your attention to detail is second to none. I’ll be highly recommending you to everyone.”

– Andrew Coffey

Matt’s thoughts;

“Although Andrew did achieve great physical results over the 8 weeks, they were not his priority or even in his goals. With a hectic senior and under 21 hurling schedule for county, college and club our goal was to get Andrew’s body into the best possible condition to improve his performance. We put a huge emphasis on fatigue management and recovery. Monitoring these factors and performance indicators weekly and working his nutrition around this we were able to improve his energy levels and keep him from being over trained. Only doing 1-2 gym sessions per week he managed to put on 2.5kgs and he is visibly leaner from his pictures which is a good sign he has put on muscle mass and lost fat at the same time. I love working with athletes like Andrew who showed 100% commitment and dedication to the plan. This level of adherence allows me to use lots of small tweaks and adjustments to give him that extra edge. Great work!”

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