“Future Fitness 56 is probably one the best things I’ve ever done for myself. I definitely wouldn’t consider it a diet, it was a complete lifestyle change.

For me, it made me realize what I was putting into my body. I was definitely one of those people that couldn’t understand why I wasn’t loosing weight while doing exercise but it was all down to my food. The coaches really opened my eyes to what fitness is and how to incorporate eating and enjoying food into my life.

I didn’t spend every day in the gym. I literally stuck to the nutrition plan that was given to me (some days I couldn’t even eat all of the food on it) and I went walking almost every day.

This was another thing that really had an affect on me. I found that walking was not only effecting my health and fitness but it also effected my mental health in a major way. Getting out and not sitting on the couch overthinking and eating which is something that I used to always do.

Now I can go home and sit on the couch and not feel guilty about eating chocolate because I’ve done my walk and I feel great. The programme teaches you how to enjoy your food and swap in certain foods, not cut them out completely. ”

– Jennifer Kelly, Tipperary.

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