“I’ did an 8 week nutrition program with Matt online, while I was Crossfit training 3 times a week. It’s clear now that my diet was letting me down big time!! Since following Matt’s tailored plan I have become much stronger in my training smashing PB’s finally!

Also I have seen a welcome change in my shape as each week the inches came off I found the plan easy to follow. It was all normal everyday food and I still managed to have a few cheeky glasses of wine along the way so it was very manageable.

Matt was always on hand for tweaks here & there and offered super advice. I couldn’t recommend him enough to get you on the right path. Thanks for all the help Matt.”

– Karen Nolan

Matt’s thoughts;

”Karen worked with me for 8 weeks leading up to Christmas and lost half a stone along with 25 inches in measurements!

Her strength, energy and training improved massively over the 8 weeks! She smashed PB’s in the gym and her mindset towards nutrition improved dramatically.

I always try to bring people away from the all or nothing mentality when it comes to their diet and work together with them to find a sustainable approach that they can continue to use in the long term.

It doesn’t matter how fast you get to your destination, what matters is that you get there in the end! If you want to make long lasting changes to your body, it takes time! You need to find an approach that suits you and that you enjoy, because you’re going to need to do it for a long time!”

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