“So this week is my last week. The 8 weeks flew. I’m really happy and proud of my progress. I’ve totally cut back on sugar which I never thought I could. I learned what to eat and when to eat it. You gave me all the knowledge I needed to feel better and more confident in myself. No more feeling bloated and lazy.

You’ve really helped me and opened my eyes up to living a healthy lifestyle.
I am only getting in two days of Crossfit. I’m hoping to start getting three days in but some weeks it seems impossible. I feel better in myself and my sleep is great. My water intake is never as much as it should be but I’ll get there.

So as I’m at the end of my two months I want to thank you for your help and encouragement. You’ve really boosted my confidence. I will try to keep motivated over the next few months. Will miss the weekly check ins and your opinions and advice. I can’t thank you enough. You really do change people’s lives.”

– Laura McCarthy

Matt’s thoughts;

”We worked together for 8 weeks leading up to Christmas and I’m really proud of her results and hard work.

We worked on improving habits that was holding back her progress;
– Weekends. Being more aware and making better choices. Trying to limit the amount of alcohol and eating out over the weekends that would cause excess calories to be taken in that day and the days after.
– Structure and planning. Between work and small child, it can be hard to fit everything in to your day if you don’t have a suitable routine and structure in place. We tried to create a sustainable routine for Laura so she could fit training and time for nutrition into her day.
– Improving hydration.”

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