”Matt has not only transformed me physically, but more importantly mentally. He tailored his vast amount of knowledge and taught me to be the best version of me.

As a result, I think much more about my overall well-being. Matt looks at all aspects of fitness including nutrition, training and daily routine. I received a programme that was designed and tailored specifically for my goals and my busy lifestyle.

I had no previous gym experience prior to joining with Matt and very quickly became hooked. Matt was excellent at guiding me through tough yet very enjoyable workouts while always improving my technique. Much to my surprise, I soon found myself on his Charity Photo Shoot with an amazing group of people that I admired and felt inspired by.

I trusted Matt 100% with the process. I loved every minute of it and was thrilled with the results. I cannot speak highly enough of Matt, he is passionate, motivational, knowledgeable, goes that extra mile and is always educating himself further to better himself and his clients.

No matter how small or big your goals are, you will not regret joining up with Matt. Last but not least I have made great new friends along the way. “Surround yourself around fitness minded people, positivity can be so contagious”

– Sheena Howard

Matt’s thoughts;

”6 Week Transformation turned lifestyle transformation turned photoshoot prep!!!

Sheena’s transformation over the past 18 months has been nothing short of amazing.

She signed up for our 6 week transformation last January and here we are 18 months later doing a photoshoot.

Sheena has gone from being completely new to the gym, not knowing what a calorie, macro or protein source was to being able to track macros confidently, diet for a photoshoot and now maintain her weight without tracking at all, eating intuitively and just using the good habits we’ve built up while just training for fun.

She’s lost around 40 pounds and gained valuable knowledge on how to live a healthy lifestyle that she can sustain while working and looking after 4 small kids!

We went through many phases over the last 18 months;
Losing weight
Gaining weight
Maintaining weight
Tracking macros
Not tracking macros
Periods where the gym & diet took a back seat.
Then a lengthly photoshoot prep.

I’m unbelievably proud to have been part of her journey!”

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