‘Where do I start?….12 weeks ago I set out on another one of my many attempts to get leaner. Last year was a shit year for me personally as I sustained neck disc damage towards the end of my soccer season which resulted in me spending more time drinking and smoking than I did being active which can definitely have an adverse effect both mentally and physically.With the help of the great Matt Cooney, a fella who had already gotten me in the best shape I was in before – we set this goal to firstly improve my posture which in return would hopefully improve those niggling injuries I was getting in my upper back and neck. My second goal was to get stronger and leaner. From a fella that’s diet contained numerous bars of chocolate,cans of coke,beer,fast food throughout a normal working day, we slowly implemented new eating habits. Believe me this was also a great reason for me to actually start learning to cook which I never really done before unless you count a toasted cheese sandwich as a cooking speciality????????….

From teaching me how to prepare my food and how to exercise and workout correctly he has certainly guided me back onto a better path than I was on. I’m by no means perfect, now and again my bad habits creep back in for example. Alcohol is my biggest downfall???? but I’ve learned to accept that when you go on a night out to not let it effect your daily routine for the days that follow. The last time I was one of Matt’s clients, he gave me the drive to go back to college and study fitness instructing. I don’t know if it’s a motivational aspect from Matt but in the weeks with him he once again gave me the confidence to go back to college and I’m currently studying strength and conditioning in UL with the plans to soon get into the Personal Training side of things. With Matt’s help and guidance I know I can crack that both physically and mentally and I’m forever grateful for that.Top Bloke that’s knowledge is beyond any person I’ve ever met when it comes to health and fitness and hopefully this is the start of a new chapter in my life.Cheers again Matt.”

– Tommy Martin

Matt’s thoughts;

”Mental health
Physical health
Lifestyle changes
Habit creation
Nutritional knowledge

The goal for me is simple; make a positive impact on a person’s life by any way I possibly can.”

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