”This was my third year working with Matt (second photoshoot prep) and with each year passing, I have witnessed how he has grown as a business man and improved as a personal trainer/coach.
New methods were implemented each year to suit my lifestyle because that’s exactly what he does, he implements a suitable programme that fits in to YOUR lifestyle.

I think that’s the easiest thing when working with Matt is that he takes your lifestyle into consideration and builds a suitable programme around that. I know that without Matt’s help and guidance I would have never have done this year’s photoshoot.

Starting a new full time job he tailored everything around my job/life and always made sure I was able to fulfil the needs of the programme. He takes away the stress of having to think about what/when/how to train and dietary needs.

Life can be stressful enough so by working with him it takes away those extra stresses from my life and I hand them over to him ???? I enjoy my training so much more knowing that someone else is looking after it (I’m not lazy I swear) and even more so that a professional like him is doing it.

Happy to be a member of the Mcfuturefitness family & always looking forward to what the future holds.”

– Tommy O’Connell

Matt’s thoughts;

”Tommy’s prep for this year’s shoot was much different than the previous year.

To give some perspective, his calories never went below 2,850 the first year whereas they STARTED on 2,300 this year!

Different job
Different activity level
Increased life stressors

These brought different obstacles this year for Tommy. After getting in such good shape for the shoot the previous year, there were times where both of us wondered if he would be able to get back to that shape he was in!

He ended up actually coming in leaner and bigger than last year!

This was one of those preps where there was times of struggle and times where it looked like nothing was happening. He pulled through though and it all came together in the last few weeks of his prep!

All the hard work paid off as the pics show!!”

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