“When I decided I wanted to enter another men’s physique fitness competition I knew I wouldn’t be capable of doing it alone because their was too much to cover which I didn’t have a perfect understanding of, so I decided to ask Matt #chunks would he mind prepping me for it. We done 14 week’s in total of prep and I have to say I loved every bit of it. He had my diet down to a tee each week with constant flexible changes to it and this went hand and hand with my 14 week gym program that was broken down perfectly ? I gained a lot of fitness and diet knowledge from working with Matt which I would feel comfortable passing on to anyone that asks for guidance in the gym because I know it will benefit everyone. Matt was very easy to work with and I’m looking forward to doing something with him again very soon .”

– Daryl McGee

Matt’s thoughts;

“Myself and Daryl worked together for 14 weeks leading up to the RIBBF Spring Classic earlier in the year.
Unfortunately things didn’t go our way on the day and we had to settle for a top 15 finish in a packed Men’s Physique Class with nearly 40 competitiors.
Daryl showed great maturity to take the disappointment on the chin and made sure to learn from this experience to better himself next time. It was a real eye opener for us both to see what exactly is needed to win a show. He has decided to take time away from the stage and not compete again for a while which is a really good decision in my opinion. He won’t compete again until he’s ready and in the right situation to be able to be 100% committed to it.
We both learnt a lot from this experience and I’m very grateful that Daryl put his trust in me to guide him to the stage. A few weeks later Daryl also took part in the photoshoot to raise money for GROW.
A big friendly giant and a pure gent of a man.”

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