“As a man who battled with depression and anxiety,
I struggled to get myself back on track. I was lost without direction and motivation.
Life was crumbling before me. Every time I stepped forward in my life, something would happen and before I knew it I would be three steps back. This continued for quite some time.
With fitness, which was always a strong point of my life and something I was always proud of, my motivation to go to the gym was nonexistent.
Scared, confused, lacking confidence and unmotivated. When you feel this level of crap about yourself it is hard to look at the reflection staring back at you in the mirror.
I tried over and over again to get it back together, life and the gym.
It wasn’t until Matt had mentioned his plans to me one weekend when he said it would be a really good idea if you were a part of this group.
I laughed and didn’t believe I could do it, running excuses in my head of all the reasons not to do it, (Shoulder injury, work etc)
But when Matt told me his plan and who we were going to be fundraising money for I couldn’t find any other reason not to join. (Matt is exceptional at making people believe in themselves, even when the person doesn’t believe in themselves)
Raising money and awareness for a mental health organisation (GROW)

Matt started working immediately and soon he had a full plan laid out for me. Tailored to me and my goals.
At the start I found it hard to give it a 100% still having self doubt to wether or not I could be in good enough shape to be apart of a photo shoot.
Week by week Matt turned my disbelieve into believe. With weekly check ins, He would adjust your program and nutrition plan acordingly with the end goal for the photo shoot.
To have this level of professionalism, it was amazing to be apart of.
He had laid out the jig saw puzzle on the ground for me with instructions. He was much more than a PT to me, more so a Life Coach.
I was lifting more, back loving the gym, following a nutrition plan, and most importantly feeling great again.
I could now smile back at the person in the mirror.

He was able to bring a group of people together from different backgrounds and all share the same goals.
It was amazing to be apart of this team.

On the morning of the photoshoot I was gobsmacked at the level of fitness that was in the room. It was amazing to see 13 people start out on a journey together and 13 to finish so storing and looking like a sick fitness video.
Matt truly lived up to his moto. Commited to results.

While training and getting ready for the photo shoot we raised nearly €5,000 for the GROW foundation. With 13 people, I thought it was truly amazing to see the feedback and support of other people. It just showed me, more people than we know are in support and want to be aware of the direct correlation fitness has on mental health.

This was one of the best experiences I had in my life, because not only did Matt get me back on track in the gym and the kitchen he has helped me believe in myself and my abilities which carry fourth into my every day life.

I found my perfect balance between work and the stress of everyday life and how to deal with this through putting aside time for me to workout and keep my mind and body healthy so I can improve in all other aspects.

I am the happiest and fittest I have been in two years.
Since the photo shoot I am still maintaining my weight with the plan Matt had prepaired for when I finished the program.

If you want to change your life for the better, Sign up with Matt, no matter how scary your goals are, tell him and he will sculpt a step by step program on how to achieve it.”


– Pearse Morris

Matt’s thoughts;

“Time wasn’t on our side with Pearse as we only had 8 weeks to get ready for the shoot. Starting a new job in the middle of it and having hurling commitments also thrown in there didn’t make this an easy journey for him. After being out of the gym and fitness lifestyle for a while, it was the kickstart he needed to get him back up and motivated again. There was lots of ups and down but in the end it was a very rewarding experience and a lot was learnt from it by both me and Pearse. I’m glad to have been able to help him out and get his life back on track.”

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